Maggie Beer, we need you Bundy

Maggie Beer surrounded by fresh herbs and some preserves.
Maggie Beer surrounded by fresh herbs and some preserves.

BUNDABERG aged care campaigner Heather Mansell Brown says there is another area needing improvement in aged care: the food.

It's a belief shared by celebrity cook Maggie Beer (pictured), who started the Maggie Beer Foundation to encourage better meals in aged care homes, and was last year's Senior Australian of the Year.

"I'd love to see Maggie here," Ms Mansell Brown, a former chef in aged care and a private hospital in Melbourne, said.

"I think it's very innovative what she's doing, for all nursing homes."

Better food, Ms Mansell Brown said, "would 100% improve (aged care residents') lives".

"Let's face it, many don't have much to look forward to except meal times.

"Simple things like baked custard or rice pudding, if done well, can be fantastic.

"You can whip up a baked custard in half an hour and it would be far more nutritious than packet stuff."

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