LOVE MY JOB: Lyn Greer has been in the pathology industry for 50 years.
LOVE MY JOB: Lyn Greer has been in the pathology industry for 50 years. Ashley Clark

Lyn has passion for pathology

In the tradition of Humans of New York, the NewsMail’s Faces of Bundy series tells the stories of familiar – and some unfamiliar – residents in the Bundaberg region.

Phlebotomist and collection supervisor at QML Pathology Bundaberg, Lyn Greer, has been taking blood from patients for 50 years.

She spoke to journalist Ashley Clark about what she loves most about the ever-evolving industry.

I started back in 1966. In those days, for about the first 20 years of my work life, I was jack of all trades.

I worked for the first private laboratory here in Bundaberg.

I was a courier, I collected, I was a lab assistant, a receptionist – I did a bit of everything. It was a great grounding to my working life and I enjoyed it.

I carried on over the years mainly on the collecting side of things. I am a collection supervisor now for QML Bundaberg. It is a job I thoroughly enjoy and like.

What I enjoy most about my line of work is dealing with the people, and I love the people I work with.

It is funny to look back over 50 years to see how things have changed. There have been some amazing changes in the pathology field.

When I started, everything was made of glass. Glass syringes, glass test tubes – everything. Which of course had to be washed and sterilised before it could be re-used. Today, it is just a “throw away” world.

Gloves were unheard of back then but now you don’t even look at anybody without putting on a pair of gloves.

Another fascinating thing is the technology. Back then, lab work was so hands-on. Everything you did took so long but now with the technology, it is fast and quite amazing.

The tests that are actually available these days is just mind blowing. It is a fascinating field to work in.

The challenges I find that come with this type of job would be working with children, babies and people with extremely difficult veins. You never get used to bleeding children. I still don’t particularly like it but it’s part of the job.

I’m not really sure why I have stayed in the pathology industry for so long, I guess I have never really thought about it.

I think if you enjoy what you are doing, you just keep on going.

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