Another international scam targets people in Bundaberg.
Another international scam targets people in Bundaberg.

Lottery scam hits Bundaberg

OPENING his letterbox late last week, Will Savage was unable to contain the frustration he felt when he found a letter he believed to be a scam.

The letter proclaimed that through the use of cosmic vibrations Michelle Devon, “the wise lady of games of chance”, could help people win up to $10 million for a small fee between $60 and $80.

“It just annoys me to see how people can be got at,” Mr Savage said.

The Avoca resident said he got the first inkling the letter was not entirely legitimate when he saw “guarantee of reimbursement” on the front of the envelope.

“When you are guaranteed that you won’t lose money, that’s when I get suspicious,” he said.

Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor warned residents not to fall for the lottery scam.

“These schemes make money by recruiting people rather than by selling a legitimate product or providing a service. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is,” Mr Lawlor said.

He said the best reaction when approached with a lottery-style scam was to throw it in the bin.

“If you continue to communicate with these con artists, it is highly likely they will ask for money in their next round of correspondence,” he said.

“Some scams may even request personal details like your bank account, credit card details, passport or driver’s licence information, but whatever you do, don’t send it. Scammers will only use this information to rip you off.”

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