Losing my mind – and the car keys

IT'S GREAT to see they are making some headway with research into dementia.

I read an article last Sunday about some advances they have made by experimenting on aging white mice, with some success.

I wonder if the aging white mice had a better day than I did last Sunday?

Firstly, I had to go to the markets at Currimundi to get the fruit and veg but was instructed to go to an ATM at Currimundi Marketplace to get some cash.

Into the car with my manly pink trolley and off I go without a care in the world until I get to the markets, get out the car and remember I had driven past the ATM.

Back in the car I go, get to the ATM, put in my card and it's the wrong pin.

Two more goes and no luck so back in the car to home base and report that the bank must have buggered up my pin.

So armed with old mate's card and pin, back I go and it worked first go.

I then tried mine again using a pin I thought was superseded years ago and bingo!

The scary thing is I can't even remember the last time I used that pin, if ever.

Back to the markets with my trolley and then I lose my car keys.

I realise they must have fallen through a hole in the bottom of the trolley.

The next day I was set to go away at 5am for a week in Karumba.

My phone, wallet, a wad of cash and old mate's credit card are in that car and there is no spare key.

After a frantic search of the footpath, I started devising a strategy of what to tell the bomb thrower at home.

I'd been mugged?

Fallen victim to a pick-pocket?

Short of asking everyone at the markets, I had one final hope - - ask the guy playing the guitar.

When he wanted a description of the keys, I knew I was on the money.

Thank you God and the nice man that handed them in.

Apparently they had been putting calls over in between some pretty good Slim Dusty renditions but I was too busy racing up and down the footpath trying to preserve my life.

To the man who found my keys, leave your name with the Currimundi Cowboy so I can thank you properly.

And if you see me being led along by a white mouse, you will know why.

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