Long skirts, no make-up or jewellery: Changes anger parents


A PETITION has gained nearly 500 signatures questioning a Coast school's new uniform policy.

The petition reads under new policy Coolum State High School students cannot wear make-up or jewellery and students must wear the formal uniform every day.

However a statement released by the school this afternoon confirms that students must only wear the formal uniform on Mondays - at  assembly.

"The new changes include wearing all-purpose black, leather, lace-up shoes and wearing the school formal uniform each Monday (not every day). 

"As part of this girls now are expected to wear the formal school skirt or a formal shorts option."

The current uniform policy surrounding make-up and jewellery wear:

  • Excessive makeup is not to be worn at school and will be required to be removed.
  • Items such as sleepers or small studs, only one necklace (for example, a fine chain), one bracelet, one ring (plain variety) are the only items of jewellery considered acceptable. However, concessions may be made if items are of religious or cultural significance.
  • Jewellery, other than the above or a wristwatch, are not part of our school uniform.
  • In all instances jewellery should be small, discreet and singular. On no account may fashion statements or multiple items be worn.



A PETITION has been launched against a Sunshine Coast school's controversial, change of uniform policy.

This week Coolum State High School announced the uniform policy would change for students in 2018, causing outrage amongst parents with students at the school.

Already, the petition has gained 480 signatures out of the 500-strong goal.

The school has yet to confirm what the exact changes to the uniform policy were however the petition claims students will have to wear formal uniforms every day, with the exception of sport days.

The petition also states girls are to wear skirts below the knee and are not allowed make-up or jewellery.

Students will also have to wear leather shoes, according to the petition.

What do you think of the new uniform policy?

This poll ended on 01 December 2017.

Current Results

Too strict for a public school


Strict but acceptable


All public schools should do the same


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The majority of parents are arguing that the school is public, not private, and students should be free to wear what they want.

Rosie Kahn said changing the uniform wasn't going to make students smart.

"This makes the school sound like a private school and we are in a public school ... we didn't choose private!" she said.

"Work on higher education instead of uniform."

Student Cat Wilkie said the new policy was "a joke".

"These new changes are not necessary, they (Coolum State High School) focus more on what we students are wearing more than what we're learning," she said.

Layla Barker said the school needed to work on "controlling students" before uniform policy.

"The uniform is fine the way it is," she said.

"The girls express themselves through jewellery and make-up so do some boys.

"You don't need to take a basic right away from them.

"The uniform policy will be hard for families to abide by and they don't need extra stress to buy the correct shoes or to have the correct uniform washed and ready to go when it's just a state school in a small town.

"What I truly believe you need to do is change the whole school attitude. Work on the education and behaviour not the looks."

A statement released by the school said the new dress code reflected school community standards, and the formal uniform would only be worn by students on Mondays.

"(The dress code) balances the rights of individual students with the best interests of the whole school community," the statement read.

"The change may mean some parents have to purchase a new item, and the school has mechanisms to support any parent for whom this causes financial difficulty. 

"Many parents have expressed their strong support for these measures and the school's direction. However, should parents have any concerns they are encouraged to contact the school."

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