Lone woman who stormed Area 51


While Saturday's much-hyped "storming" of Area 51 has been labelled a massive fail, one woman actually did do her best to catapult herself through the gates of the mystery-shrouded military base.

Though, unlike the Facebook call to arms to "Naruto run" to the entrance, she simply tried to stroll right in.

Posted in a video on Twitter, the woman can be seen calmly ducking under a gate, having casually waltzed straight through the first, while onlookers marvelled at her bravery and yelled "good luck".

Police monitoring the area stood back behind both gates, and can be heard in the background chuckling and saying they'd do something "eventually".

According to Twitter user Matthew Carswell, who posted the video on Saturday, state authorities were out of their jurisdiction - unable to step in considering it's a federal base. The eyewitness said the woman was instead picked up by two trucks about "half a mile in".

He speculated she had probably been arrested as a result.

An armed security guard stood at one of the entrances the night before the mock event took place. Picture: AP.
An armed security guard stood at one of the entrances the night before the mock event took place. Picture: AP.

The courageous woman was one of just 75 attendees to the viral event, despite more than two million people clicking "attending".

At this stage, it is the only report of anyone actually attempting to "storm" the government site.

Brainchild of prankster Matty Roberts, a Facebook event entitled "Storm Area 51: They Can't Stop All Of Us" gained worldwide traction on July 27, with millions adding themselves to the guestlist or indicating interest.

In the ensuing weeks, hype around once top-secret Nevada facility was relentless, with hundreds of articles and social media posts emerging detailing its history and exploring the rumoured evidence of extraterrestrials hidden there.

While the creator maintained that it was all a joke, the US Air Force weren't mucking around when they issued a stern response to the event.

It warned the public not to trespass in the area or face 'lethal force' and arrests. Facebook later shut down the event page.

According to reports, only 1500 people actually made the trek to the Nevada desert after the months of chatter, and most gathered in remote nearby townships of Hiko and Rachel to attend alien-themed "festivals".

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee says only 150 people travelled closer to the base itself and just 75 actually approached the gates. Another group of 40 people gathered at a different gate.

Dressed in bright clothes, space suits and tin foil hats, the ragtag bunch partook in no actual 'storming' of the sort.

In fact, many said they had only come to witness what they thought would be some mayhem.

Subsequently, the only "mayhem" at the event was the lone woman seen slowly walking through the desert.

According to Reuters, only three arrests were made, one for alleged trespassing, one for public urination and one for an alcohol-related incident.

Police at the scene were reportedly "friendly and jovial" and even encouraged people to approach the gates.

The woman in the now-viral Twitter video has not been identified, nor has her punishment been confirmed.

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