Stepfanie looks out at the Northern Lights.
Stepfanie looks out at the Northern Lights.

Local woman's magical journey to Norway

STEPFANIE Regan was thinking about a much colder place during the heat wave earlier this month.

The Burnett Heads born and raised property manager recently went on an all-expenses paid trip to Norway thanks to Corona.

And it all happened by chance thanks to a bucket list promotion asking people to post photos on Instagram of the number one thing on their bucket list.

Miss Regan happened to be on Instagram and saw one of her friends post a photo, so she popped one of the Northern Lights up.

Seven days later she had a message from Corona asking her to give them a ring.

"I thought is this a joke?” she told the NewsMail.

Miss Regan called the number and found out she was being gifted a trip for two to see the Northern Lights, the only catch was she had to be aged over 25 and able to leave in two weeks' time.

Luckily Miss Regan's employer Pathway Asset Management saw the opportunity and let her go on the trip.

The next step was finding someone to take.

"I said I would bring dad, he taught me what the Northern Lights were.”

Dad, or Peter Regan, was very excited to go on the trip.

He still lives in Bundaberg with his wife Tracie and as temperatures reached above 30 degrees in the rum city a few weeks ago he messaged Stephanie saying "oh Norway where are you, I'm so over this heat”.

While the heatwave is over for now Queensland's temperatures are still a far cry from the minus 17 degree cold the father and daughter experienced in Norway.

"I still get goosebumps. It's the best thing and couldn't have come at a better time,” Miss Regan said.

A month before the trip Miss Regan had a heartbreaking end to her relationship.

So when she heard she was going to Norway she cried, then when she told her dad he was coming with, he cried too.

It took 32 hours to get to Norway for the "whirlwind” four day trip but it was "worth it”.

Corona paid for the father and daughter's flights, insurance, accommodation, a Northern Lights tour and gave them $2000 spending money.

"The town we flew into is called Tromso. Its nothing shy of majestic and the whole experience was absolutely life changing,” Miss Regan said.

"The Northern Lights danced for three hours, and there was a meteor shower.

"Mother nature was at her finest that night.”

Their guide built a fire, gave them hot chocolate and beef stew, they toasted marshmallows and sat on reindeer skins.

While in Norway they used the spending money to buy a sledding and fishing tour catching cod that a chef used to make them traditional fish soup.

Miss Regan said it was so cold you could not take your hand out of your glove for more than 45 seconds without it starting to throb.

But it was "absolutely magical” with "phenomenal” scenery.

"If they had of sent me without spending money, I would have cried.”

A meal with two drinks at the local pub cost around $75 Australian, the sledding tour cost around $900 and fishing $700.

The next thing on the bucket list is either visiting Milford Sound in New Zealand or dancing on the streets of South America.

"Having been given this trip, I'm now on a mission to be a better human, spend more time aligning with charities and my goal for 2018 is just to be more thankful for everything in my life.

"Cheers Corona for making my dreams come true.”

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