Local government could do with GST

A LOCAL government planning expert has called for a portion of the GST to go straight to councils.

GST is distributed between states, but Griffith University planning professor Darryl Low Choy says the tax would give councils a reliable income stream and lessen their reliance on state and federal government handouts.

"It would be good if a portion of GST went directly to local governments," he said.

"Local government is a creation of state government, as it stands. They exist at the whim of a state government."

Mr Low Choy said councils provided vital services to residents but struggled with funding.

He said an assured income stream would allow councils to better plan for the longer term.

Local Government Association of Queensland spokesman Craig Johnstone agreed councils needed a more secure stream of funding.

"We're not specifically calling for a portion of GST, but what we're very strongly arguing for is that councils should have a fixed share of Commonwealth revenue," he said.


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