The region is no stranger to alien encounters says Mary Rodwell.
The region is no stranger to alien encounters says Mary Rodwell.

LOCAL EXPERT: Are aliens changing our DNA?

THE region's own UFO expert Mary Rodwell has launched her second book, focusing on children and how they are affected by cosmic contact.

Ms Rodwell says the New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage explores the diversity of experiences with "non-human intelligences".

"This book is about families and children who have had encounters with non human intelligences," she said.

"It also shares the understanding that it is through this interaction our children are changing."

She said these changes could lead to children being "misdiagnosed" with conditions such as ADHD, Asperger's and autism.

Ms Rodwell said it could be quite complex, but in her book, two molecular biologists say they believe non-human intelligences are "activating and upgrading" human DNA and it's causing changes in children.

"The book covers why they are different and how they perceive reality is more multidimensionally that is why they struggle with 3D," she said.


OTHERWORLDLY: UFO expert Mary Rodwell with her new book.
OTHERWORLDLY: UFO expert Mary Rodwell with her new book.

"Molecular biologist Dr Ohlson in my book shares how certain diets, vitamins and minerals stabilise them and help them cope as well as describing how to understand what is going on so we can help them better."

Ms Rodwell said in her time investigating UFO encounters, she had heard from a lot of local families who had otherworldly encounters.

"I think they appear to be increasing, but some of this may be because people are beginning to share these experiences more," she said.

"I hear from families and even farmers from all over the region of sightings of UFOs and strange lights."

Ms Rodwell said while there was a lot of UFO activity in Bundaberg, she believed it was part of a larger increase in extraterrestrial involvement.

"There is certainly a lot of activity in the region - Bundaberg and Agnes Water Where I am located - the locals contact me," she said.

"The book is a culmination of many years of research into this phenomenon and not only demonstrates it's a global phenomenon, but has been happening over generations.

"I have testimony from young children as young as four to five years old, to adults whose lives have been changed by their experiences."

Ms Rodwell said some of those adults who were now speaking out about their experiences formed part of her new book.

"Some adults are 'coming out' for the first time in this book," she said.

"It explores the nature of reality and human consciousness, and offers information to understand the new generations of children who are often mislabelled as dysfunctional but are often just more multidimensionally aware - such as ADHD for example."

When asked what inspired her to write the book, Ms Rodwell said it was the sheer number of families who had encountered unearthly experiences.

"(It was) my work with over 3000 families globally having these experiences," she said.

Encounters around the region

1. West Bundy

Bundaberg man Ryan Peat was left in a state of pure astonishment after seeing something he believed was from another galaxy in 2015.

"It was travelling much like a shooting star but not as fast," he said.

"It then started to turn green and little specks of light started to trail behind it before it disintegrated."

2. Mt Perry

Toni Brown said her husband had seen a UFO over Mt Perry on January 17, 2013.

She said the object appeared as a chrome sphere.

3. Woodgate

In 2013, a Woodgate woman said she was driving when she saw something odd.

"Both my husband and I saw a very bright iridescent green ball with a white centre and with a long yellow tail fall from the sky," she said.

"It lasted about four seconds then it changed to a bright orange glow before it disappeared from sight. It was an amazing thing to see."

4. Thabeban

Retired train driver Victor Olsen will never forget the time he was working on a train and saw alien beings in a craft in 1967.

Mr Olsen said just before the train approached Thabeban, a disc-like object appeared.

"It was like two saucers faced together," he said.

"They (the beings) had a long neck on them and an elongated head - nothing like I've ever seen before," he said.

"They looked like nothing on earth, like a stick with a head."

5. Avoca

Amber Beattie said as a child she had a sighting which had always stayed with her.

"When I was a kid, this memory has stuck clear in my head since, I saw this long, silver thing in the air that looked like an aeroplane without wings or any tail stabilisers," she said.

"It was a crystal clear day, not a single cloud in the sky... I was watching it for a good minute or so while we were driving over near the cemetery at Avoca."

6. Childers

A man who didn't want to be named contacted the NewsMail after spotting strange lights in the sky twice while camping.

"To the south, rising over the hill, I saw a light like a star," he said of the object that he first thought might have been a helicopter.

"It rose higher and higher and I thought 'that's not a star' and a beam of light came to the ground and there was no noise."

"One minute it would stop, then it would keep going again."

7. Innes Park

On Christmas night in 2012, one NewsMail reader said she was looking west when she saw a "weird" bright orange light.

"It was too bright to be a high plane, and to me it looked like a helicopter flying low - except there was no sound. I thought it was really weird and called my husband and we had family and friends staying and they all came out," she said.

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