LNP signs pledge to keep car rego low

BUNDABERG and Burnett would benefit under an LNP Government with a real economic plan to keep cost of living pressures low, Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett said today.

Mr Bennett said Opposition Leader Springborg and Deputy Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek signed a pledge over the weekend promising that future car registration increases would be tied to inflation in the LNP's first term of government.

"The LNP's impeccable record of responsible financial management meant that during our term of government we were able to freeze car rego," Mr Bennett said.  

"Queenslanders should not be used as cash cows and forced to pay for the failings of an inexperienced Labor Government unable to balance the books.

"That's why we are calling on the Palaszczuk Government to match our pledge and help relieve the cost of living pressure that many Queensland families currently face.

"The Budget on Tuesday will show what the increase in car rego will be next year and the year after, and if Labor signs the LNP's pledge by Wednesday, Queenslanders will save hundreds of dollars."

Mr Bennett said Labor had not only left Queensland with the most debt of any Australian state, it had also made Queensland the most expensive state to own a car.

"Labor's legacy is not one that Queenslanders can be proud of," he said.

"The bad old days of Labor saw car rego soar by 30 per cent in their last four years in office, and the worst part is that the cash was frittered away on payroll debacles and dams without pipes.

"Only an LNP Government has the experience and competence to manage the state's finances to ensure we pay down debt, maximise frontline service delivery and minimise cost of living pressures."

Under Labor, registration costs for four-cylinder vehicles have jumped from $328.90 to $340.40 and a six-cylinder car increased from $492.30 to $509.50.

Mr Bennett said Labor had been dishonest and waited until after the election to tell Queenslanders it would increase car registration by more than double the inflation rate.

"The Palaszczuk Government has no experience, no plan and is making it up as they go. Queenslanders deserve better."


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