Armed robbery at Bundaberg service station

Little bro talks big brother into servo armed robbery

BROTHERS who robbed a Bundaberg servo together, sharing in just $400, have now been jailed together.

Joshua Luke Moras, 27, and Bryton David Moras, 22, pleaded guilty in the Bundaberg District Court on Tuesday as the court heard the brothers had held-up the service station attendant at knife-point on June 17 last year.

The armed robbery of the Shell East servo in Scotland St netted the brothers just $200 each and was committed with very little planning, the court heard.

In sentencing the brothers, Judge Michael Rackemann took into consideration that Joshua had played less of a role than his younger brother Bryton.


Joshua Moras.
Joshua Moras.

"I accept that Joshua's criminality is at the lower level compared to Bryton's," he said.

"The armed robbery was a robbery of a service station at night.

"It was an offence which was the was the brainchild of Bryton, who talked Joshua into joining in.

"Bryton armed himself with a knife. Joshua went along in the role of lookout."

The court heard the attendant was confronted by Bryton brandishing a knife before he handed over the cash.

"Bryton entered the shell service at 6.26pm and rang the bell on the counter," Judge Rackemann said.

"The sole operator at the time approached the counter and Bryton motioned back and forward with the knife in order to obtain money.

Bryton Moras
Bryton Moras Facebook

"Ultimately they made off with a sum of money, $400, that was shared between Bryton and Joshua."

Judge Rackemann condemned the actions against a vulnerable employee.

"The armed robbery of a service station attendant at night time at knife-point is a very serious offence against a soft target," he said.

"The armed robbery would has been a frightening event."

Judge Rackemann also took into consideration that both brothers had criminal histories and drug problems had also played a role in their offending.

Having already served 61 days of declarable pre-sentence custody, Bryton was sentenced to three and a half years jail and will become eligible for parole on January 1, 2019.

Joshua will remain behind bars until September 16 this year after he was handed a three-year jail term. He had already spent 227 days in pre-sentence custody.

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