DISGUSTED residents and business owners are cleaning up Bucca Crossing themselves, as thoughtless visitors leave piles of rubbish at the popular picnic spot.

South Kolan resident Bianca O'Reilly used to regularly visit the riverside location with her partner to walk their dog, but they haven't been back in nearly two weeks, disgusted by the lack of respect some have for the area.

"The pristine beauty of the river had been desecrated with rubbish everywhere, including bottles, cans, dirty nappies and even more disgusting, used sanitary napkins and toilet paper together with human waste," she said.

"What revolting, lazy lowlifes would do such a thing?"

"This is a beautiful natural spot where you can take your kids for a picnic, a swim and even a fish."

Mrs O'Reilly said the items had been left scattered on the ground and on the picnic table. She and her partner picked up rubbish so they had somewhere to sit.

"The bins get emptied but no one seems to pick up the rubbish on the ground," she said.

Bucca Hotel owner Chris Godfrey said rubbish in the area had been an issue for six years, and two years ago he stopped selling takeaways to try and stem the problem.

"If I sell takeaway stubbies or cans on the weekend, I'm out picking them up on Monday," he said.

"I've treated many kids for cuts on their feet from broken glass."

He said it wasn't unusual to have 150 - 200 people use the area on a warm day.

"After the floods the council put in new chairs and tables and it's starting to look good again," he said.

But Mr Godfrey said people continued the "trash the joint".

Divisional 3 councillor Wayne Honor said he stopped at Bucca Crossing three weeks ago and thought it was very clean and tidy.

"If very disappointing if it's no longer looking that way," he said.

"It's everyone's responsibility to look after public places."

Cr Honor urged anyone who sees people dumping rubbish, to record their details and report them to council.

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