Lisa Maree O'Brien
Lisa Maree O'Brien contributed

Liquor theft and tourist fined: Court round up

A SINGLE mother who stole alcohol from a bottle shop, and an Irish backpacker who contravened a police banning notice were two matters heard in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday.

The court heard Lisa Maree O'Brien, a single mother on parenting payments, walked into First Choice Liquor near the Old Bundy Tavern on January 24.

O'Brien then helped herself to a bottle of alcohol valued at $75, before paying for another item and walking out.

Police later identified O'Brien on the shop's CCTV footage.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring asked O'Brien why she'd stolen the alcohol.

O'Brien said she "had a bit of trouble at that time” when she stole the "moonshine”.

Mr Lavaring asked if the moonshine was from America, to which Police prosecutor sergeant Dean Burgess said it was from "First Choice Liquor”.

He condemned O'Brien's actions, saying she should prioritise her children.

"It's not like you're getting food (for your kids), you're stealing alcohol,” he said.

O'Brien was ordered to pay $75 restitution to the business, and no conviction was recorded.

In a separate matter, Matthew William Peden pleaded guilty to contravening a police banning notice.

Civilian prosecutor Rishi Sharma said Peden on March 10 had been banned from the Bundaberg Safe Night Out precinct for 10 days.

But Peden was later seen across the road, near the McDonald's in close proximity to the precinct.

Peden told Magistrate Neil Lavaring he'd only been in the area again after being banned because his hostel was nearby.

Peden was fined $300 and no conviction was recorded.

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