Jordan Lewis moved to the Demons in the off-season.
Jordan Lewis moved to the Demons in the off-season. Quinn Rooney

Lewis moves on from Hawthorn trade

NEW Demon Jordan Lewis says speculation he believed Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson was set to offer him the captaincy in the days before he was traded was "complete bollocks".

Speaking this morning about the dramatic days in last year's trade period when he left Hawthorn after 12 seasons and four premierships, Lewis said after some to-ing and fro-ing he was eventually relieved a deal could be struck.

The 264-game veteran said rather than sulking after last year's highly-publicised move - when he and Brownlow medallist Sam Mitchell left the club - he was content with his move to Melbourne.

"I can honestly say I didn't (think 'why me?')," Lewis said.

"My personality, and I think I get this from my dad, is just to move on.

"Whatever's happened, I just move on. I feel like life's too short to worry about what's happened in the past ... I suppose that's how I deal with it, I just forget about it."

The football world was stunned by last year's trade bombshell, which transpired as the Hawks looked to regenerate their list after a straight-sets finals exit.

But Lewis has revealed after receiving a call from Alastair Clarkson, he feared something was amiss, saying a story going around that he'd been expecting his now-former coach to offer him the captaincy was "complete bollocks".

"It was the Wednesday after (the best and fairest) I got a text message from Clarko saying, 'Hey, are you around this afternoon for a chat?'" Lewis said.

"And automatically you go for the negatives. You know (you ask) 'what could it be?'

"I'm not that sort of person to think 'oh he's coming around to give me a pat on the back and say that you're captain next year'. That's not how I think.

"I've been involved with football clubs for so long now that you understand when he (the coach) wants to come around to your house, it's not for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake."

Lewis was unsure why but his negative thoughts - which proved correct - headed towards a possible trade.

"I don't know why I thought this, but it was potentially going somewhere else, and I spent all day (before Clarkson arrived) going through certain scenarios," he said.

"(Like) 'oh gee who do I know from other clubs?' if that happens to be the case, so I'd played it over in my head for a good five or six hours.

"So when he came around that was exactly the conversation we had."

The midfielder said there were plenty of decisions, and some negotiating between parties, after Clarkson floated the idea of a trade.

"There was probably two days there where I was in limbo, I didn't know whether Melbourne were going to come through (or) would I have to go back to Hawthorn and say 'hey I'll stay around for a year' and play out my contract there.

"It wasn't until I think it was the Tuesday when Melbourne came back and said 'yep we can commit to three years' (that it was locked in).

"For me that was a big relief because that meant I was finally going to be able to move. I could move on from all that indecisiveness of not knowing where I was going to be.

"And I suppose the beauty about it and what I've learnt through the process is to have people outside of football who can take the emotion out of the decision.

"And that was really good for me, but when Melbourne came back and said 'the three-year deal is there, let's make it happen', that was such a relief."

Lewis said he wasn't aware Mitchell was on the brink of a move (to West Coast), and while that may have added to the prolonged trade deal, it perhaps made his own decision easier.

"I think when 'Mitch' came out and said he wanted to go I think that was a shock to them," he said.

"I think they thought that he might have stayed for another year, might have finished his contract there and then might have moved to Perth."

After Mitchell announced he was joining the Eagles, the Hawks tried to sway Lewis to stay.

"... we also gave Hawthorn the chance to extend my contract for another year but then they still couldn't for whatever reason," he said.

"But I think once Mitch left, I probably didn't feel as guilty if I was to leave as well.

"It wasn't as if I was opting out of a contract, I never went to the club - they came to me - so that's sort of how I justified it to myself."

Earlier this week Clarkson said the Hawks were in a position to keep both Lewis and Mitchell despite bringing in the fresh talent despite the likely salary cap pressure.

Lewis said he believed that to be the case and revealed he knew teammates had been asked to restructure their pay - but not take a cut.

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