BAD TASTE: The V.I.Poo ad is revolting, says a reader.
BAD TASTE: The V.I.Poo ad is revolting, says a reader.

LETTERS: Writer slams 'shocking', 'revolting' TV ads


EVERY Australian that has served in our defence force continues the legacy bow in adversity and sustained in selfless sacrifice.

These amazing men and women have displayed their love of country in it's more tangible form.

It is fitting that this commitment is recognised in the new veterans card.

This is the most practical way that Australia can say thank you for their devoted service.

Michael Wouters, Millbank


BIG thumbs up to a lady by the name of Jane Hall who found my mobile phone at Lake Ellen Park and after trying to locate me through listed relatives, then delivered it to the police station.

I have not been able to contact Jane, but within four hours it was back in my possession and my stress relieved.

It's nice to think we still have helpful, honest and kind people in this world who will go the extra mile for others.

Your blood is worth bottling, Jane.

Thank you so much.

Lynne Hewerdine, Bundaberg


WE ARE forced to watch commercials on TV to pay for the service.

Some are entertaining, some are demanding, and some are shocking.

Watching the V.I.Poo commercial while eating porridge is revolting.

News programs hit at important news coming up but first you have to watch 20 minutes of commercials.

We pay for "free TV” subconsciously but there is no service from advertising on Sydney's opera house.

Michael Taylor, Burnett Heads


I REMEMBER Don Tallon (NM, 30/10) at his store where Oodies is today.

The outdoor eating area was where the fuel bowsers were located.

It was on my way to and from school at North primary in the '60s.

I remember Don as a stern bloke, who occasionally lowered his guard enough to let you see his softer side.

If there was cricket on the ABC, then Don was watching it, very reluctantly distracted by his customers with as few words spoken as possible.

Jon Carman, Bundaberg


SATURDAY'S piece Builder's reno advice (NM, 27/10) certainly touched home with me. Both my home and I are hampered ageing Queenslanders.

Over the last 24 years I can truthfully say that not one repair, replacement, renovation or maintenance project on this house has been 100 per cent satisfactory.

Not one has been done exactly as requested, a couple have made conditions worse and, yes, I did use services recommended to me.

My centenarian Queenslander has been lavished with incompetence and now, neglected because of this lamentable situation, we are both disgracefully ageing, as against ageing disgracefully, but have just accepted - as have most of my peers in the same situation that this is the modern way of things.

Thank you NewsMail and Mr Plowman for the opportunity to perhaps spread the word and have this unhappy state of affairs recognised and rectified for we elders.

Someone must be available, capable and honest in the relevant industries.

E.L. Southwick, Oakwood

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