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LETTERS: Why we need more elections

Hold more elections

I THINK there should be more state elections.

Bundaberg always seems to benefit.

After the last election we ended up getting possibly the best mayor we will see in a long time, Jack Dempsey.

This election, one of our top councillors, David Batt, has won the seat of Bundaberg, and while that will be a loss to the council, the fact that Jane Truscott has declared her intention to run for Division 8 is excellent news.

This council is one of the most proactive councils that we have seen in a long, long time.

I have no doubt that Jane Truscott will be the perfect replacement for the vacant position.


Innes Park

Shocking statistics

THE statistics of violence against women in Australia are shocking.

One in three women has experienced physical or sexual violence.

Research also shows that Australia has a very real problem with male violence.

Women and men are more likely to experience violence at the hands of men with around 95 per cent of all victims in Australia reporting a male perpetrator.

This tells us that there is a very real need to address the education of boys and men into the real meaning of masculinity.

We call on people to speak out and take action.

Remember that whatever standard we walk past is the standard we accept.



Canavan for coal

SENATOR Canavan owes the people of Queensland, especially northern Queensland, an explanation as to why he so strongly supports development of the Adani coal mine and construction of a coal-fired power station nearby?

Canavan knows that the Adani mine will be highly automated, will probably employ fewer than 1000 people and is dependent on obtaining Chinese finance because no western bank will fund a high cost project producing low grade, high ash coal for a rapidly declining market.

The senator calls for a new super-critical coal-fired power station to be built in North Queensland, even though it generates electricity which is more expensive than solar or wind and still emits high levels of greenhouse gasses likely to cause increasingly severe climate events.

Why does Canavan support rapid expansion of coal exports through the Abbot Point coal terminal, knowing that this increases the threat to the Great Barrier Reef, already badly damaged by ocean warming, threatening ongoing development of our multi billion tourist industry?

Why does he not support the Queensland Government program of attracting new renewable energy projects, supported by energy storage such as at the Kidston Project which will supply electricity to northern Queensland homes and industry - and do so more cheaply than coal?

Most Queenslanders now know that the climate is changing and that human activity producing greenhouse gas emissions is responsible for this.

Senator Canavan, like his Senate colleague Senator Pauline Hanson, seemingly rejects this and, in so doing, jeopardises our best interests.



Ego tripping

DR TRUSCOTT has announced she will be running for council in the upcoming election (NM, 30/11).

You have to ask yourself is she committed to the people of Bundaberg or simply committed to boosting her own ego?

I heard that she quit the LNP and joined PHON.

Now she has quit PHON and quit the PHON supporters to run for council.

It seems that the only commitment on display is a commitment to feathering her own nest.

If she is successful, how long will it be before she quits on the people of Division 8?



Sticking it out

JANE Truscott didn't waste any time in nominating for the abandoned council position in Division 8.

The elected councillor thought he could get more money and benefits by simply walking away from his commitment to those residents who elected him.

The council should (in future) have these deserters sign a legally binding contract to make sure they either serve the allotted time they where elected to do or pay for a new election lock, stock and barrel.

Instead of blowing their own trumpet about how good they are , these deserters should put their money where their mouths are and do the job or pay for someone who will do the hard yards.

I hope Jane Truscott has the guts to stick with the job.

If she does then she will reap the numerous rewards that the rest of our councillors enjoy like trips to China, cars, expense accounts and huge salaries.


Elliott Heads

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