MATTER OF TASTE: A reader says it's hard to find a tasty tomato in Bundy.
MATTER OF TASTE: A reader says it's hard to find a tasty tomato in Bundy.

LETTERS: Why are Bundy's tomatoes so tasteless?

WE LIVE in one of the most famous tomato growing district in Australia and yet it is near impossible to buy a tasty tomato.

Admittedly the fruit as presented in our supermarkets looks attractively round and red.

It cuts well and makes a sandwich look appetising but it almost completely lacks flavour. Try eating a homegrown tomato and one is surprised there is an abundance of taste.

Canneries find the local tomato ideal as it fits all their requirements except one. Artificial flavour must be used to give the product some appeal.

Of course, one could use alternative tomatoes like the easily grown tom thumb, but this small fruit is not suitable for bread rolls etc.

Perhaps our supermarkets might overcome their reluctance to buy a product from outside Australia and import tomatoes with flavour as they do not seem to be grown in this country.

- Frederick F. Archer, Bundaberg


WITH the Commonwealth Games a couple of weeks away, why is it that opposition politicians and the media alike are trying to sabotage the biggest event that Queensland has hosted since Expo in 1988.

It has taken 30 years for this event to happen and instead of us all "rallying round the flag” we have the LNP bagging the trains that they themselves ordered.

With that negative we then have the media whingeing about everything from traffic flow to crowds.

Wake up people, the event is going ahead no matter what.

It will attract thousands of visitors who will spend millions of dollars in our state.

It will be a showcase that promotes our state so tourist numbers will increase.

So all of you knockers out there, stop our criticism, shut up the whingeing and get behind the event. Most of all, support our young athletes to achieve greatness for our country.

- R. Henderson, Sharon


WE ARE so fortunate to be able to access fresh, nourishing produce to feed our families.

But that is about to change if the Palaszczuk Government gets its way and introduces anti-farming vegetation management laws targeting our state's food and fibre producers.

These aggressive new laws, if enacted, will strip away the rights of farmers to develop new land to produce the food and fibre we have become accustomed to.

I'm not sure whether Labor actually understands that in order to survive we've all got to eat, and our farmers are the ones who grow the food.

Sadly, Labor continues to attack our farmers and demonise them just to appease extreme green groups.

These extreme green groups are known for using standover tactics, exaggerated data and questionable "science” to push their destructive agenda.

Don't get me wrong, protecting the Great Barrier Reef is vital, but scaremongering about the impact of farming is outrageous.

Farmers are not environmental vandals.

Controlling regrowth allows rural landholders to grow more grass and minimise run-off and soil erosion.

Make no mistake about it, if these draconian laws are passed it will threaten the ability of our primary producers to grow the food and fibre we rely on.

No farmers, no food.

- Stephen Bennett, Member for Burnett


GEE, Shorten's on a roll.

This self-centred Labor leader is doing his best to destroy and distort any sort of investment in this country.

His economic credentials have yet to be tested, but if this is the first of it, God help us.

He is against mining, manufacturing, small and medium business, farmers, workers and now poor old retirees are going to cop a bash. I don't even know what he stands for or supports. It's all about being elected at any cost.

Playing the politics of envy just to get elected is a zero sum game when it comes to pensioners, retirees and those leading up to retiring in the next 10 to 15 years.

Many have struggled, raised their families all the while paying taxes and trying to save a little for their retirement; they are not all 'weathy' and 'rich'. The vast lot of retirees are anything but.

So now Shorten wants us to all be on pensions so he can use our money which we predominantly invest in Australian shares within our economy.

This will cause serious economic distortion and won't be saving any of the $69billion over the next 10 years if the government has to support us in everything we do, from the cradle to the grave.

Surely there is a better leader than Shorten.

- E. B. Goode, Burrum Heads

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