STATE YOUR CASE: A letter writer has questioned who is running our state after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk dropped funding for Adani.
STATE YOUR CASE: A letter writer has questioned who is running our state after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk dropped funding for Adani. Chris Lees

LETTERS: Who is running our state?

Sensible mix

OVER the last week of the election campaign I have viewed the worst leadership ever of a political party.

Labor's Annastacia Palaszczuk verbally pulls the funding for Adani and from our own local member, Leanne, who decides to "storm-proof” our houses - both election pledges which came out of nowhere.

In the case of Adani, is that even legal? Now she is making an election pledge to say if she wins government she is not funding the mine.

Where is the certainty for our economy? Millions of dollars spent by local companies are now dangling, not to mention those that were looking for jobs, all for the sake of saving Jackie Trad.

Who is really running Queensland? Jackie Trad and the Greens?

Anna states these projects need to stand on their own two feet and it is wrong to pay money to billionaires. Does she realise what she has signed off on with Labor's renewable energy projects?

Not one of these renewable energy projects can survive on their own two feet without our $18 billion of taxpayer subsidies to support them while they get up and running. Plus, the kicker: for them to make a profit, we give them a subsidy at the other end to encourage the retailers to buy from them so they can turn a profit for their billionaire owners. These taxpayer subsidies will bring more debt and cause us to pay more for our electricity bills.

The Mt Emerald Wind Farm, owned by a Thai-based company called Rachet and backed by very wealthy individuals, is just one example.

This company also does not have a very good environmental and social record but nobody hears about that in the media.

Other wind farms are in the pipeline too which will cause our electricity to jump to over $300 extra per year on average.

Overseas countries like Denmark, the early adopters of wind power, are decommissioning their original wind farms, saying they only returned a 1:1 ratio as it was expensive to maintain as opposed to HELE coal-powered stations that produced a 50:1 return on investment and nuclear power which is a 70:1 ratio.

Investors are watching all this flip-flopping by the Premier in election mode, and the madness of tilting our state economy to renewables instead of providing a sensible mix.

As for Leanne's storm-proofing our roofs, this is impractical and besides, I'm still waiting on what is happening with the flood-proofing she promised during her maiden speech.


Bundaberg North


ANYONE and everyone voting in the upcoming Queensland election for Burnett and Bundaberg must be made aware of the consequences of their votes.

Anyone with half a brain cell and above knows that the Turnbull Federal Government is going to have a Campbell Newman massacre on their hands with the LNP Government being so inept at doing anything other than attack the homeless, the poor, pensioners, returned service personnel, the disabled and unemployed while still wanting to give a $55 billion tax break to their mates. Turnbull even gets a bit of that himself.

Bundaberg is finally, after years of neglect and incompetence, getting its nose in front with regards to multi-million dollar investment from the Palaszczuk-led government and more huge amounts should Leanne Donaldson be returned after the election.

To get the new hospital the Member for Bundaberg would need to have the support of the Federal Government for such a huge amount. After two terms, five years of a federal LNP, Hinkler, Burnett and Bundaberg got half a broken boat for $5 million to sink at Hervey Bay. Nothing else and even less from the Nicholls LNP when Newman was Queensland premier.

A vote for Batt and the LNP is a vote to put Bundaberg back in the dark ages of LNP years of "we don't have to spend money in Bundaberg, they always vote us in”. Not any more people. Where is Turnbull in this election? He has been told to stay away.


Burnett Heads

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