FLAT OUT: Moore Park's Mathew Davis runs out of the surf at the North Australian Championships in 2011.
FLAT OUT: Moore Park's Mathew Davis runs out of the surf at the North Australian Championships in 2011. Paul Finnis BUN031111SLA2

LETTERS: Where was Mathew Davis in top 25?

Missed sports star

I HAVE just read Shane Jones's piece on Bundy's best sport stars and I could not believe that he left out Mathew Davis.

Mathew is to competitive lifesaving the equivalent of what Queensland's Wally Lewis is to rugby league.

He has been world champion that many times that I could not remember them all, until I did this research and he is still competing at the ripe old age of 23.

Below is a list of his more important achievements:

  • 6 times world youth champion;
  • 2 times world youth record holder;
  • World record holder 100m rescue medley;
  • World champion 100m rescue medley;
  • World silver medallist 200m super lifesaver;
  • World champion rescue tube rescue;
  • German Cup male athlete champion;
  • German Cup Australian team champion;
  • 9 times Australian gold medallist 2018;
  • 7 times Australian gold medallist 2017;
  • 5 times Australian record holder.

His parents Julie and John live at Moore Park and are highly involved in lifesaving.

I would suggest that a bit more research by Shane Jones would have put Mathew near the very top of the list.

Lifesaving is a very important part of our lives, particularly in summer and just because the competitive side of it is not high profile should not mean that it is ignored.

It is a fiercely competitive sport with plenty of competitors, so if you can include other low-profile sports then why not this.



Our biggest threat

REVELATIONS in The Courier-Mail that almost nine Australians die every day from suicide causes one to wonder at the convoluted perspective of our political leaders, who regularly claim that Islamic extremist terrorists are the main threat to the safety of our citizens, thereby justifying the expenditure of many billions of dollars annually.

The plain facts are that since white settlement, of more than two hundred years, Islamic terrorists have been held responsible for less deaths than are caused by suicide every single day.

No wonder the people are fed up with all the political fear mongering.


Elliot Heads

Confirming position

"LARRY Lazarides (N/M 30/11) makes many claims about the Minister's proposed call-in notice of the Jewel@9 in Bargara.

He states I am mistaken, in my letter 23/11.

No, Mr Lazarides - the five-page proposed call-in notice, on the government's website, confirms all my statements.

Development conditions are issued as part of the decision process - not retrospectively, as happened with the Jewel.

"Deemed approvals" (S64 of the Planning Act) are a penalty - not a reward.

The concessions to which I referred are council incentives for development in nominated areas, of which this site is one.

The assessed infrastructure charges for this deemed approval are $1,691,772.80.

Council has confirmed the Jewel eligibility would reduce that figure by $1million.

This $1m should be spent on correcting existing water and sewerage problems around the site - not rewarding both council and the developer.


Former councillor

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Do you live to work or work to live?

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