GRAND DESIGN: A reader says the CBD revamp will be a waste of money.
GRAND DESIGN: A reader says the CBD revamp will be a waste of money. Contributed

LETTERS: We're not a big, affluent city

Bad timing

I'M REFERRING to Saturday's NewsMail, RE: the council's fancy ideas to give the CBD a "new look” with a $16m price tag.

People have just paid their exorbitant rate demands and then a front page article like this appears.

If council are considering spending such vast amounts of money (where is it coming from?) then it should be on reducing our rates, or put towards flood mitigation, not planning on spending it to dolly up the streets, which are quite ok as they are.

We are not a big, affluent city.

There is a high percentage of people out of work and on low fixed incomes.

Many shops are struggling to stay open.

While Mayor Jack Dempsey and councillors waltz home each week with their lucrative salaries, they have no idea whatsoever of the financial hardships faced by many in our community.

Stop dreaming of accolades Cr Dempsey.

To pretty the city (when unnecessary) at the people's expense is an indication that heartless individuals are at the helm.


Burnett Downs

Praise for cake

HOW could the cake pictured in the NewsMail possibly offend anyone?

The anonymous father who posted the photo is obviously very proud of being a dad. Good on you, but not everyone is that lucky.

In our community there are many men who play a supportive role in families without actually being a father.

They may be uncles, grandfathers or just friends and I'm sure they would feel very happy and honoured receiving a compliment like that.

I know my husband would, as he is "Pa” to many young, and not so young, friends.

I think the shop making the cake should be complimented for the idea.



Undermining men

IT TAKES a fair bit to rile me these days in my senior years, but I am absolutely outraged about this!

To me it smacks of more insidious undermining of men by the feminist mafia.

Imagine the reaction if we had such a cake on Mother's Day. We'd never hear the end of the outrage from feminists.

Absolutely disgraceful.




I DO not speak for all but from some of us who don't have fathers I wish to apologise for this insult to those who do.

Just because some intolerant screeching leftie wants to feel good about their miserable life, they think that by punishing all fathers it somehow fixes things for those who don't have one.

Well it doesn't.

Happy Father's Day to all you amazing dads out there.



Day is for dads

FATHER'S Day is for Fathers.

If you want to start a Special Person's Day then why not?

I shop at Aldi or IGA now so I wont be buying anything.



Leave it alone

LEAVE this traditional day well alone.



Ridiculous statement

WHAT a ridiculous statement to make, that the majority's rights are being extended to include the minority.

The churches and the Christian religious groups have somehow hijacked the institution of marriage with the false belief that their made-up God rules over everything and gets the last say.

Now let's look at how the heterosexual marriages over the last 50 years have gone.

Half of all heterosexual marriages end in divorce, 60% of divorced people get married again, 30% go on to live in a de facto relationship and 48% of second marriages end in divorce or separation.

So what the righteous are saying is that they want exclusivity over divorce and the right to bring children up in broken homes.

Now how many separated couples are there that have started new de facto relationships before they get divorced?

Marriage is no longer 'til death do us part, marriage is now about "I feel like a change and its getting too hard so I want to move on with someone else”.

If marriage was such a wonderful secure institution then I would whole-heartedly agree with preserving it for the heterosexual community, however it's not.

Treating marriage like a short-term arrangement does not provide the security the "no” camp preach.

Allowing people who love each other to have that right just might.


Svensson Heights

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