Pauline Hanson arrived in Childers on the Battler Bus to campaign with Burnett candidate Ashley Lynch and talk to the people.
Pauline Hanson arrived in Childers on the Battler Bus to campaign with Burnett candidate Ashley Lynch and talk to the people. Craig Warhurst

LETTERS: Vote for One Nation is a vote for Labor

Vote for One Nation is a vote for Labor

I HOLD grave concerns for the future of our community when I hear people say they're voting for Pauline Hanson in the upcoming state election.

One would hope that voters make informed decisions when voting and can differentiate between what are state and federal issues.

One Nation is banking on voter ignorance to win. That's why all their state marketing material features federal Senator Pauline Hanson, and not their state leader Steve Dickson, who is nowhere to be seen.

Pauline, Steve and Jane Truscott have all defected from the Liberal National Party.

The irony, of course, is that when Queenslanders vote for One Nation, they split the conservative vote and Queensland ends up with a Labor Government. It happened in 1998 and 2001.

The legacy of voting for One Nation gave us over 20 years of a state Labor government which left us with tree clearing laws, council amalgamations, exorbitant power prices, a bloated public service and a massive debt. These are all issues that today's One Nation voters should be very angry about.

And it was preferences from minor parties that handed the seat of Bundaberg to Leanne Donaldson at the last state election. Labor and the LNP were neck and neck in the primary vote.

Ask Ric Glass - he openly states that he's running as an Independent this election just to funnel his preferences to Leanne.

The simple fact is: if you vote for One Nation, you aren't getting Pauline. You'll be handing the state election to Labor.

Many One Nation voters are conservatives who don't feel the LNP is doing enough to attack Labor and the Greens.

A protest vote for One Nation may not deliver the stable government you seek, but rather continue Labor's disastrous legacy.

Reflect on past history and think before you cast your vote.



LNP hypocrisy

ONLY the LNP (NM, 07/11) could send a shadow environment minister to town - and talk about power and jobs.

In this last year Queensland led the world in clearing a record 395,000ha of its native vegetation whilst idiots like this Dr Rowan sat on the opposition benches and voted against any alteration to the disastrous tree clearing laws of the previous LNP Newman government.

The bill was defeated 44 to 42. The LNP opposition, two Katter members and Labor turned independent Billy Gordon (work that out - an indigenous man voting to destroy his "country”) voted against the bill to halt land clearing.

The fact is the LNP is staffed and funded by those who worship Tony Abbott's volcano gods and not one of them has got an environmental bone in their bodies, hence they have no environmental policies, hence their environmental portfolio and minister are hypocritical frauds.



One small problem...

A WATER park may be a reality if the LNP win the state election.

Sounds good, hey!

One small problem. I believe LNP candidate for Bundaberg David Batt will have to win his seat to make that a possibility.

It has always been mooted that the majority of residents have a water park as one of their top priorities in the Bundaberg area.

Personally I am against it.

So now is the chance to show if we really want one.

A vote for the LNP candidate would be a near certainty in achieving this if he was to win the seat.

As none of the other candidates have shown any interest in a water park for Bundaberg, I think it is safe to assume if any of them were to win we would be a long long time before getting one.

I might be the only happy one.


Innes Park

Is there a catch?

THE LNP candidate for Bundaberg announced that if he is successful in becoming the state member in an LNP government there will be $15 million for a water park.

Will this water park be delivered if he is unsuccessful but the LNP form government, or is it simply more of the same from the LNP?

During the last campaign when the Newman-Nicholls government was booted out, there were many examples of pledges on the proviso of a successful local candidate.



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