LETTERS: Vegetarian diets are healthy

  • B12 without meat

A BRITISH MP is calling for meat eaters to be treated the same as smokers, but the reply letters some people wrote in were astounding, if not plain stupid.

Someone said B12 is only in animal products.

My daughter was a doctor's receptionist and, being a vegetarian, her doctor gave her a hard time.

So when all the people came in for B12 shots, she asked him how many of those people were vegetarians.

He paused and told her none of them were.

The only reason people need to eat meat is because they like eating meat. I've been a vegetarian for nearly 40 years and guess what? I'm still alive and my B12 is fine.

Those large meat eaters take the risk of cancer of the colon, so don't tell us vegetarians such rubbish.

Cattle not only break down the ozone layer with their methane gas, but also destroy the vegetation and cause soil erosion.

Cattle and sheep should not be in this country.




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  • Meat-eating selfish

JENNY Moxham's compassionate letter (NM, 28/9) hit the nail on the head when she asked: "Is it because we enjoy eating meat that we happily turn a blind eye to the animals' suffering?"

We can control what we put on our plates and stop the slaughter of billions of animals every year, due to factory farming.

Like Jenny, I am a vegan who abhors any animal abuse, for food, clothing, entertainment, "sport" or experimentation.

We can live kinder, healthier lives without consuming any animal products simply for the selfish pleasure of their taste.


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