Police move in to remove vegan protestors who had been blocking the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Street Melbourne in support of animal rights. Picture: Andrew Henshaw
Police move in to remove vegan protestors who had been blocking the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Street Melbourne in support of animal rights. Picture: Andrew Henshaw Freelancer Available Andrew Hens

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Vegan claptrap

FOR vegan activists to assert that it is morally wrong for me to eat meat is totally a load of claptrap.

The concept is no different to the screwball contention years back that left-handedness is a sign of wickedness.

Humans are born with a digestive system in their bodies allowing them to eat meat as part of a broad diet. Humans are part of the biological fabric of the Earth.

People may choose for social reasons to be vegetarian or vegan, but they have no moral or ethical right to tell someone else not to do something that is natural.

So continue to promote the humane treatment of farmed animals, but don't dare lecture me on the immorality of enjoying my mouthwatering roast pork that's in store for me tonight.



Weather vane policy

PRIME Minister Scott Morrison has announced the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

He had been under pressure to take some positive action in that direction for a long time and yet he chose this moment - a few days before calling the election - to announce it.

The previous week everyone was talking about the Australian children stranded in refugee camps in Syria.

The PM categorically resented bringing the children back here, should the life of any Australian or any member of a rescue team be placed at risk in the process. But then he stated that he has been considering ways of bringing the children back safely.

In both cases, he has been waiting to see which way the public opinion was flowing before taking any action.

This has been the Liberal party's unwritten policy under every Liberal PM. Under Scott Morrison, it is no different.

He has no clear policy objective in any field other than what the mood of the people dictates at any point.

This is becoming increasingly clear of late in the light of the number of royal commissions that have been announced, since Julia Gillard's royal commission that exposed the scandal in our places of worship.

That commission was initiated for a worthy cause, in spite of repeated opposition from the Liberal Party at the time, and the outcome now has proved its worth.

It was Julia Gillard, the Labor PM, who created NDIS that is benefiting our citizens with disabilities today.

Compare that with the actions of former PM John Howard, who took advantage of Tampa's arrival on our shores with asylum seekers, by cleverly blending the situation with Pauline Hanson's policy of anti-Asian immigration, and presented it to the people in the form of a full-page ad in all Australian newspapers, on the eve of an election.

The PM won the election with a strong majority by tinkering with emotional issues.

No one should be surprised to see a similar action by the current PM.

In the light of these events, we can confidently say that any government that places its own interests before those of the people, and survives by illusion and false promises is a danger to the society it leads.



Involvement critical

RE: CADETS withdraw from hectic Bargara Anzac dawn service (NM, 06/04).

Hopefully the army cadets' absence from this year's Bargara dawn service will only be a temporary aberration.

A pivotal reason for the resurgence of attendance of numbers throughout Australia on this revered day of remembrance has been due to the involvement of our youth.

This is also the best way to ensure that we are never again touched by the scourge of war.



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