VEGAN SUPPORT: Mat Grills has got suppot for his vegan coffee discounts.
VEGAN SUPPORT: Mat Grills has got suppot for his vegan coffee discounts. Eliza Goetze

LETTERS: Vegan support

Vegan support

Although most of us have grown up regarding cows milk as "normal” milk, it's not at all normal for us humans to be drinking it.

It's quite bizarre, in fact, and if you pictured yourself drinking it the natural way - crawling underneath a cow, grabbing her teat and sucking - you'd realise this.

But the worst aspect of drinking cow's milk is the cruelty.

Each year in Australia about 700,000 newborn calves are sent to the slaughterhouse in their first week of life just so their milk can be stolen for profit.

Stealing food from the mouths of babes is bad enough but killing the babies too is despicable.



What's happening?

I WISH to know what our state and federal members are doing about the doctor crisis here in Bundaberg.

We had a petition that gathered 11,000-plus signatures. Has this been acted upon?

Or are you lot sitting around doing what you do best, nothing?

The next issue is the exorbitant costs of electricity. It appears that the suppliers are holding the consumers to ransom.

I am aware that these issues might seem trivial to you people who earn mega dollars and get allowances for power etc.

But remember voters have extremely long memories and the political landscape has changed. In many cases the "we have always voted this way because our parents did” is gone and dusted.

I urge you to get off your well-padded chairs and do something instead of cutting ribbons and declaring such and such open.

Do what you were elected to do and work for the people.

PS: The NewsMail has finally shed some light on the ongoing saga of Ben McCormack. About time.


Elliott Heads

NRL expansion

PHIL Rothfield (NM, 26/06) is on the right horse about NRL expansion but pulls the wrong rein in calling for another Brisbane team and the death of yet another Sydney one.

Existing teams can't fill their grounds because they play too many home games.

Even the Broncos are usually 20,000 shy of capacity.

Another Brisbane won't address this.

And when clubs die they usually take their fans with them, out of the game and maybe to other codes.

NRL crowds have tanked because an overlong season is too hard on fans and players alike.

The draw is neither symmetrical nor fair, a logjam of expansion candidates are frozen out and the sport competes with itself at Origin time for fans and interest.

Oh, and like our many governments, the clubs know only how to spend money not save it.

Queensland doesn't deserve just another team, we deserve a conference of our own.

And the first new Queensland club should be based in Australia's ninth largest city, Sunshine Coast.

Try this for a blueprint bringing NRL action to a potential new audience of six million people.

Four six-team conferences: 1. Queensland including Adelaide. 2. NSW one. 3. NSW two including Perth. 4. New Zealand including Melbourne and Central Coast Bears.

Sixteen-round regular season.

Five rounds in conference followed by six rounds cross conference then final five rounds in conference.

Total of 192 club games

Top two teams in each conference make up final eight.

Quarter-final, semi-final and grand final series best of three contests.

No dead rubbers played.

Maximum season length 25 weeks (currently 30 weeks).

The shorter season would allow for State of Origin mid-season break to play on consecutive Wednesdays, with maybe NZ and Pacific Nation tests on the weekends.

After the grand final we could have a return of Queensland and NSW matches against international opposition before the full Tests were played.



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LETTERS: Where is our fast train?

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