A letter writer wants the LNP to make physical punishment in school illegal.
A letter writer wants the LNP to make physical punishment in school illegal.

LETTERS: Time to ban physically punishing kids at school

Opportunity for LNP

MP DAVID  Batt recently wrote about the LNP's plan to build a better Queensland (NM, 11/1 and 15/1).

Among other things, he mentioned the importance of education, that the LNP had a "great plan" for it and an "unwavering focus on student outcomes and teacher quality".

But will the LNP actually walk the talk in the run up to the October state election?

Take for instance its stance on the use of physical punishment in schools.

The LNP's election material says all Queensland children should receive the best education in Australia, yet it will not commit to implementing a ban on teachers hitting and hurting students.

The LNP also believes that local school communities know what is best for their children and should be allowed to get on with it. But they already have and their actions don't support its 'do nothing' position. School violence in all its forms has been rejected so why on earth would the LNP want to sanction the continued use of physical punishment?

Queensland is the last jurisdiction in Australia to legally allow teachers to use corporal punishment. NSW implemented a ban 25 years ago. So not only is it an archaic, ineffective, dangerous and totally unprofessional practice, it is also seen as such by all other states and territories and at least 132 other countries.

This coming election provides the LNP an opportunity to  show, as LNP leader Deb Frecklington has stated, that it " ... puts the protection and wellbeing of all children as a paramount focus of Government efforts".

If the LNP does not act to ban school corporal punishment this year, then Mrs Frecklingon and her team will have zero educational credibility.


Moore Park Beach

Leave past behind

SO HERE  we are again, January 26, Australia Day.

What do we find? As per normal we have a group of individuals who want to rid us of our day by changing the date to some undisclosed one, then to insult us believers further, make a name change to Invasion Day.

What does this really achieve. I ask, what date are we supposed to embrace? Secondly, what do we call it?

The charge is being advocated by a journalist from Grafton, NSW, who writes for The Daily Examiner,  Lesley Apps.

Lesley expressed her views in an editorial piece in our NewsMail.

The two newspapers are both owned by News Corp and I was somewhat surprised that our paper would print this article whose supporters only come out of the woodwork around January 26 and their only offering is based on racial discrimination.

On one hand we have the government actively promoting to us the virtues of non-discrimination yet we allow this type of discriminatory work to be published in our newspapers.

I for one believe that the word history means the past tense and it can't be changed or altered in any way. So what is the point of living in the past?

We are all aware of the past as are other countries in the world that were invaded sometime in their past. I would ask Ms Apps where would Australia be now if it was not populated, or as you call it invaded, by Europeans?

All of your rhetoric does not address the fact that us invaders have made this a great democratic country where we are all intended to be equal in every modern way. Sure there are pockets of non believers, of course there are lots of problems yet to be corrected, and  if we work together that will happen.

So Ms Apps how about you breakout, come and live now.

Get rid of this hatred that comes to light once a year and leave history where it belongs ... in the past.


Burnett Downs

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