The parade marches into position for the Bargara dawn service.
The parade marches into position for the Bargara dawn service. Brian Cassidy

LETTERS: Thanks to the community on Anzac Day

A special thanks

EACH year sees the Bundaberg community join to honour Anzac veterans along with all veterans, at the Bundaberg Dawn Service and Civic Service and the many other services across the region.

The Bundaberg RSL Sub Branch committee and members would like thank the community for this support and recognition and for once again commemorating an event as solemn as Anzac Day with us.

Since 1899 and the Boer War, more than one million Australians have served in 10 wars and since 1947 over 30,000 have served in over 50 peacekeeping operations.

During these engagements more than 101,000 Australian lives have been lost.

Alongside this loss, please also give thought to over 900,000 men and women who have returned from service.

Veterans walk among us in our everyday lives, often carrying a heavy burden from their experiences.

So thank you to those who have served with commitment and dedication to our nation and to the Bundaberg community for caring enough to remember that allegiance.

A special thanks to Fred Bainbridge and Herbert Woodward for taking the salute with Mayor Jack Dempsey this year.

It was a great honour for both Fred and Herbert and their families, some of whom I know have travelled to see them fulfil this important role.



Bundaberg RSL Sub Branch

Don't ignore climate

IN RESPONSE to Carl Hansen's letter (NM, 25/04), it must be said that climate change from global warming is real.

The science is in and it's overwhelming.

There is no doubt and it can't be ignored.

Human-induced climate change is the most pressing issue facing the whole planet and, if as a world community we want to save not only ourselves but also what's left of our natural heritage, action must be taken sooner rather than later.

A world movement has begun as evidenced by the climate demonstrators in London, the 16-year-old Swedish girl standing up in parliaments everywhere, the fact that Germany, one of Europe's biggest industrialised economies has decided to close all of its coal-powered and nuclear-powered generators and move to renewables, Norway has 50 per cent electric vehicles already and China is going that way too, the US is building a "New Green Deal” movement and we also have the Bob Brown anti-Adani caravan.

These grass roots movements shouldn't be necessary if governments everywhere understood the science and the gravity of the situation facing our planet.

True leadership would recognise the impending peril to life everywhere and make the necessary decisions that may give future generations a chance at life on a liveable planet.

The sooner transitions to carbon free economies are factored in the less disruption and painful it will be for all.

There's no point having a job if you can't breathe the air or drink the water and all the animals have died.



Thumbs up to Jenny

THUMBS up to Jenny Frew and her band of helpers for another successful Cancer Council fundraiser.

Jenny has raised an unbelievable amount of money for Cancer Council over the last few years.

Thank you.



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