Letters: Something missing in Bundaberg Regional Council

Letters: THROUGH the years, I have met some wonderful people in the community, through schools, churches, Lions and Rotary clubs, sport, business and politicians.

They all have a choice between career and family life.

Some have a way of talking that leaves people unclear about what he or she said.

At Bundaberg Regional Council on Wednesday, June 3 at the 2015 budget meeting, there was a statement from the Division 9 representative.

One part of her outcry was "I am not here as a divisional councillor" and she went on "and some people do not understand that the council is just like a kitchen table."

Yes, Cr Peters, I certainly know what you mean.

The residents come to you, but you don't come to us.

You compare the council table to the kitchen table.

Yes, you prepare on the kitchen table not only for two or three of the family, but the people in the community as your guests, and to them you act as a good host.

You meet them, know them, respect them, and in the kitchen you prepare the ingredients with the right tools.

That is what the council table is like and most important of all is the flavour.

I believe the flavour of respect, harmony, patience and waiting your turn is missing from council's table.

Maybe few of us realise we have no choice but to carve out a space for our future, "in search of a better life".

Today relations between different levels of government is at a low level.

Cr Peters was not bothered to say "thank you" and we achieved nothing from you.

That is something you avoided for years and you cannot hide any longer, but it is too late.

I urge you to make your intentions clear. You have been in council almost half your life.

I don't consider what I am saying is a personal attack; I only want to wake up Bundaberg regional public opinion about who you are.

Then we come to the question: "What does the community want from a councillor?"

He or she must be mindful at all times to behave in a way to uphold the values and integrity of a representative and recognise their role of effective leadership skills and strong, honest character is vital.



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