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LETTERS: Snail mail takes six days from Bundy to Coast

Snail mail fail

I FEEL it pertinent I should air this little grievance against Australia Post. In fact it is against the decision makers of our world.

On Wednesday, October 12, I posted a registered letter to my son in Caloundra.

This was done before mail closing time.

On the night of Monday, October 17, my son tracked this article using a number given on the receipt and received a simple answer: "in transit”. Nothing more.

Today, October 18, I went into the post office and made inquiry regarding this letter.

I was told it had been loaded on to the mail delivery truck at 9 am.

To me that is an extraordinary situation and I was assured by the Australia Post employee (or maybe lessee of the office) that this was perfectly normal and that services as such were being scaled back.

Six days from Bundaberg to Caloundra. Not cheap; not good; and not caring!

May the Lord or some other supreme being help we snail mail people before the snail stops altogether.

BILL TAYLOR, Avenell Heights

Worth bottling

Good on you, Matty Drane (NM, 18/10).

While not a rum drinker myself, all reports that I have had is that the new 4670 range of rums are fantastic.

What we need in Australia, and especially Bundy, are people out there having good researched ideas and then implementing them.

Matthew has done just that and we, as a Bundaberg community, should both be proud of him and support the product.

And it's great to have a locally owned rum product made in this city again.


Expand welfare card

THE Australian Government's Healthy Welfare Card, trialled in Kununurra and Ceduna, transmits 80% of welfare payments by means of a cashless debit card, not spendable on alcohol or gambling.

In both centres ambulance call-outs to alcohol-related violence and spending on gambling have significantly fallen.

The mayor of Ceduna says communities troubled by results of alcohol and gambling excesses "would be silly not to trial the card”.

It might be a good move to all tell our federal MP to please set up a trial locally, and soon.


Honestly, it's a farce

IT'S laughable, absolutely laughable, having Malcolm Turnbull on the ABC demanding that the CFMEU are the reason he wants an ABCC introduced through parliament emphasising corruption in his spiel, citing persons such as Craig Thompson as an example.

Australians he cannot even be honest in himself, following his own convictions prior to the backstabbing of Tony Abbott.

This weasel is nothing but a fake.

Captain Honesty should try getting his own corrupt party order where treasurers cannot remember where over $4 million dollars came from in NSW even when in the room.

What is the difference when it comes to corrupt misappropriation of monies from his own party where Mr Mantach gave himself a $1.5 million bonus from Liberal funds?

Is that not corruption?

But then it is the Liberal party.

Now we have the farce where George Brandis the Attorney-General. and Justin Gleeson, the Solicitor-General, the two highest law officials in Australia, are at loggerheads over honesty.

Step in please, Captain Honesty, as Australia cannot have a dedicated liar in either of these positions.

The Solicitor-General is calling Brandis a liar and accusing him of misleading the parliament and the people.

Turnbull must dismiss the deliberate liar here, immediately. But will he act? Of course not, he is a weasel and a party puppet.

Let us have a commission into "unincorporated associations”, major donors to the Liberal Party, where they along with the major multinationals avoid paying any taxes at all because of legal loopholes in the donation scam and where they can actually "self assess” themselves on paying taxes. What a rort.

I would rather a Royal Commission into politicians in general and just watch and see how many end up in jail.

Now that would be interesting viewing and reporting.

Forget the ABCC. Let us have the Royal Commission into Corrupt Politicians - the RCICP of Australia.


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