FINAL FAREWELL: Flowers where left at Coopers Home Hardware after they closed.
FINAL FAREWELL: Flowers where left at Coopers Home Hardware after they closed. Paul Donaldson BUN021217COOP3

LETTERS: Sad to see Cooper's go

Cooper's Hardware

IT'S sad times when good people who have served the city of Bundaberg are now walking away from a part of their lives that pure hard work made a successful business.

Due to factors beyond their control they now have to close this local operation.

How this effects all these people, most of us would not understand.

Thank you all for your support to many local organisations over the years and the service you provided to the citizens of Bundaberg.

I hope you can find future success in Bundaberg because this city would be the loser should you choose to move on.

It has been my privilege to have know Steve and Dianne for many years.

Congratulations for all your efforts.

Best wishes for the future.



Filthy grubs

DEVIANT Ben McCormack has caused harm by supporting the grubs who posted the filth as the child who was being abused was in fact harmed, and McCormack not only downloaded it, but shared it with others.

So the end result is this deviant walked away with a very minor slap on the wrist. The downside of this is the court has opened the floodgates for more grubs to download this filth in the knowledge that they too will only receive a minimal sentence.

As I have said before the offenders should have "pedophile” tattooed on their foreheads for the whole world to see just what they are. Grubs.


Elliott Heads

Same-sex marriage

THURSDAY, December 7, 2017 will prove to be the most significant and infamous day in Australia's history in which our traitorous politicians ended our freedom of expression, ended our freedom to act according to our conscience and religious belief, and ended the rights of our children.

This happened because we gullible citizens believed the politicians' lies.

We voted according to our emotions and not according to objective truth.

We have turned our backs on our Christian heritage, effectively calling the sovereign of the universe a liar.

As a nation we will pay dearly unless God grants us mercy and we repent.



Feeling disgusted

I FEEL the need to add my two cents' worth to Aaron David, but it will be my first and last letter Aaron, thanks.

I feel exactly the same way that Elsie Spinks's letter portrayed - in fact I was disgusted with these carryings-on in the Senate.

What next? A wedding or some same thing similar?

When is this Senate going to get on with some real debate regarding the future of our country - how about more pay for pensioners?

Fancy comparing what Pauline Hanson did by wearing a burqa to this marriage proposal.

Nowhere is that comparable!

Pauline Hanson was demonstrating how easy it was to slip into the Senate, without challenge - security!

This other "caper” had nothing to do with security, only "grandstanding” more for "same-sex equality”.

For me, I can't for the life of me see what all the fuss is about - how many de facto relationships have succeeded in past who need a piece of paper to say "we're married”?



Views ignored

SHAME on MP Keith Pitt. Despite the majority of constituents in Hinkler voting in favour of same sex marriage.

Mr Pitt was one of only four MPs to vote against the same sex marriage bill.

The number one task of all MPs is to represent the views of the people of their electorates.

Mr Pitt blatantly ignored the views of the majority of Hinkler constituents.

This is just one more example of Mr Pitt being derelict in his duties.

The majority of people in Hinkler wanted same sex marriage but he voted no.



Delicious thrill

WE HAVE just witnessed through the marvel of TV our politicians with much hugging, back slapping and possibly a few discreet celebrating the passing of the same sex marriage bill.

May we presume that if they do something significant like lowering electricity charges , helping eliminate poverty or improve living standards they will perform a ballet at the Sydney Opera House?

Tony Abbot need only attach stockings to his budgie smugglers and possibly our PM might sport a tutu.

What a delicious thrill to see them moving instep together for once.

The Romans got it right when they said give the people circuses instead of bread, a proud tradition still being followed by our representatives.



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