REPUBLIC: One letter writer is asking what benefit a Republic is?
REPUBLIC: One letter writer is asking what benefit a Republic is? LUKAS COCH

Letters: Republic, Grumpy old man and vegans

What's in it for me?

ONCE again the republic of Australia debate is being aired so I must ask my permanent question: "What's in it for me?”

In case this is too crudely put perhaps an acceptable form would be "would someone tell me exactly how we as citizens would be materially better off under a politician as head of state than we are under our monarchy?”.

Can the republicans honestly say people of France, China, the good old USA or Russia enjoy a better life style than we do?

All republics.

Should Australia become a republic, may I suggest the present leader of North Korea, Mr Putin or Donald Trump would be suitable applicants for the position of president as they all rule in that position now.

Or perhaps we shall have to have some worn out party hack whose only qualification is he needs a job preferably with an enormous salary.

All this and a bill of millions of dollars to convert.

As I requested, please show us how we would be much better off materially.



Grumpy old man?

IT APPEARS that Stephen Beiger (NM, 3/1/18) is suffering from grumpy old man syndrome.

It appears that no matter what anybody does in your fabulous region, he always has something negative to say.

There are a few others who have written in but Stephen is the most recent fellow I've read about in your paper.

I spy many of these men on the sidelines at bowls, tennis and golf clubs, not content to enjoy the last part of their lives over a philosophical drink or two but to continually tell everyone around who cares to listen, of how great they are, what they know and warn us of the doom and gloom constantly around us.

Unfortunately, his malady seems to have spread past the usual sporting pursuits into the papers, and we are now all suffering from his grievous ailment.

I'm not sure what his complaints are exactly, as much of what he writes, appears to be the opposite of what I am seeing each time I visit your wonderful city to see family or for work.

Every time I see or read about new developments occurring which is a positive sign that will only open up future investment dividends for the region.

It is good that the local paper proudly promotes this as well.

Everyone needs to be ambassadors for the region they are in and to be proud of their heritage or history, It is almost a national past-time in France where I am from.

Stephen, unfortunately, wants to tear it down with his subjective carping.

So what, who is in power at the time, as long as there are passionate and enthusiastic leaders in your community, business and social organisations who work with the government of the day, to improve and build upon what is already here, that is all we can ever ask for.

Holding everyone to account, is like starting a war, only that war ever only exists in your mind.

Complaining without offering solutions is a zero sum game where no one wins but is open to anyone to play.

It highlights more about the person rather than the situation.

I suggest Stephen Beiger and others like him, toss a hat in the ring if he thinks he has superior knowledge and the acumen to take on the role of a government official or representative.

Then he can prove to himself that he hasn't missed the boat and he has something more to offer the community than useless and bitter commentary from the sidelines of life.

The Bundaberg region is a beautiful place with so many opportunities if people choose to open their eyes and take advantage of them.



Vegan support

I TOTALLY agree with Jenny Moxham's letter Time to be vegan (NM, 02/01).

One of the easiest ways to help make this New Year's resolutions is to go the the website of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and read the enlightening articles by Dr John McDougall, Neal Barnard, dieticians and others about the health benefits of a vegan diet.

Delicious, easy, inexpensive recipes abound on the internet and in libraries and, as Jenny said, "research shows that those on a plant-based diet have less heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, colon and breast cancers and obesity.

Undoubtedly, a resolution to switch to a plant-based diet will be a win-win for all concerned.”


Seacliff Park, SA

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