LETTERS: Renewables energy means more water for farmers


A RECENT coal and water report has found that:

  • Coal mines and coal-burning power stations use water to wash and process coal, suppress dust and hose down vehicles.
  • The Australian coal industry guzzles 383 billion litres a year.
  • It takes 653L of water to produce one tonne of coal.
  • Burning coal to generate ­energy uses a lot of water. A typical 1000-megawatt power station uses enough water every year to meet the basic needs of nearly 700,000 people.
  • The coal industry sometimes pays much less for water than other water users. Adani’s coal mine in Central Queensland has been granted a 60-year licence to take unlimited groundwater virtually for free.
  • Most of Australia’s coal-fired power plants are well past their design life use-by dates. They are old, increasingly unreliable and extremely polluting.

Clean energy solutions are here and ready.

Energy from the sun and the wind uses 120 times less water than coal to make the same amount of electricity.

According to top international economists from the University of Oxford, replacing coal with renew­ables as part of economic stimulus to recover from Covid-19 will also create more jobs and deliver lower cost electricity.

They found that every $US1 million ($1.56 million) spent on new green energy projects ­created 7.49 jobs, compared with 2.65 jobs for spending on fossil fuels projects.

Australia is a dry continent.

Water needs to be conserved wherever we can.

Using renewable energy to replace coal-fired power will help make more water available for agriculture and the environment, as well as creating more jobs and delivering lower cost electricity.

- Mike Moller, Wide Bay Burnett Environment Council

TAKE A STEP BACK: Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.
TAKE A STEP BACK: Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.


I WOULD just like to say that reading Jay Fielding’s comment in Friday’s NewsMail was a breath of fresh air to spell out and clarify how and where the Queensland Government is going to get their $200 million to claim a stake in the Virgin airline.

Might I say that the Federal Government missed the boat there to have a stake. They don’t have an investment apart from the Future Fund, not like Queensland Investment Corporation to acquire investments in enhancing the Queensland economy (jobs).

Sometimes I really believe doom and gloom is the way to go for this Federal Government so, Mr Dutton, take a step back and take a cough.

Well done, Jay.

- Keith Ballin, Avoca

NATURAL BEAUTY: Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.
NATURAL BEAUTY: Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.


QUESTION: Want to forget about coronavirus?

Answer: Take a walk in our magnificent Botanical Gardens, early in the morning. Peace pervades the whole area, apart from a few bird calls.

Your mind will just focus on what a beautiful area Bundaberg has and how well it is cared for.

The landscapers and staff ­deserve our congratulations.

Walk in peace, notice the professionalism they take with the plants, the lake and the settings. Total peace! It even makes the Sunday paper more interesting!

If you intend to visit at the weekend, go to the toilet prior to leaving home. The public toilets are closed Saturday and Sunday.

For those inclined to go behind a tree, CCTV is installed.

– John Scarbrow, North Bundaberg

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