PORT: New roads are needed for heavy transport to access the Bundaberg Port.
PORT: New roads are needed for heavy transport to access the Bundaberg Port. Mike Knott BUN150917WHARF2

LETTERS: Port transport and Craig McLachlan

Bauxite to the port

I ONLY read recently about the high-grade bauxite mine being negotiated for either side of the Burnett Hwy, between Gayndah and Mundubbera.

The Binjour Project was reported in the NewsMail in August 2017.

Unlike coal, bauxite is usually shallow and the mines can be quickly rehabilitated.

The company involved is already mining bauxite in Tasmania and sells its product into the higher-priced cement and fertiliser market.

The Gayndah site is assayed as the highest quality in the Pacific Basin and at 28 million tonnes.

They are affiliated with an Indian partner company.

Importantly for us in Bundaberg, they want to truck the mineral to the closest shipping port - Bundaberg.

Will it happen?

Though their CEO says the local councils and Labor State Government are on side and keen.

There are always so many naysayers, grey beards, blinkered obstructionists within our bureaucracies, officialdom and communities, that schemes such as this face huge headwinds.

My bet is that the whole shebang will end up at Gladstone Port, even though it's twice the distance.

The CEO says (quote and paraphrase), "Why is it that engineers, Bundaberg Port, say they need $1 billion to get the port ready.

"Our Indian partners say they can do it for $5 million? Australia has got to learn”.

It never does - it just keeps raising costs and barriers.

After 20 years of National Party, Bundaberg has no heavy duty road access off the Bruce, north or south of the Burnett, that can take heavy trucks round the clock. Especially not from Mt Perry, Gin Gin, Sharon side unless the old Fairymead molasses wharf is upgraded.

We only have tracks that barely cope with the trucks supplying the supermarkets.

This is why we will lose business to Gladstone.

We have been dudded by ineffectual, vision-less politicians for years.

So Bundaberg Port, without roads to it from the hinterland, will remain a backwater.



PG-only rating?

THE current Craig McLachlan situation makes one realise that the future of entertainment as we know it is at risk of becoming that of cartoons or PG-only type movies or shows.

So all of us adults should forget about anything AO rated or even kissing in PG shows.

Sounds absolutely silly, you say.

Well I suggest you think about it seriously.

The actors of the future, both male and female (apologies to the neutral gender minority among us) will insist that the producers indemnify them against sexual harassment charges that might be forthcoming anytime after the "event” took place.

Just a stage kiss can be construed as sexual harassment, let alone out-and-out sex scenes that simulate you know what.

There is no way that any producer would be prepared to guarantee that sexual harassment charges would never happen.

The easiest way to overcome the problem is to produce Pixar or Disney cartoon-type entertainment.

Failing that, it will see the rebirth of '30s and '40s type of movie-producing and directing where even married couples slept in single beds.

Kissing will be banned, along with any form of physical endeavour.

Nudity of any type will be banned as artists can claim bullying by the producer or director made it happen against their wishes under the threat of losing the role if they did not comply.

The puritans among us will be doing handstands in the streets whilst us sinners will be lamenting the past.

It will also see the demise of the AO DVD section in adult shops but promote the under-counter sales of this type of merchandise.

Don't be ridiculous you say?

Well I suggest you reflect on how our existing social life and activity has been altered in recent times by minority group persistence.

Mind you, I am not downgrading nor excusing any unacceptable behaviour in the McLachlan case.

I am only suggesting how to eradicate it in the future for the protection of all artists.

Now the next issue to resolve is on-stage or screen swearing followed by foul language in music.

The lawyers laugh all the way to the bank.



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