A local reader was less than happy to receive a paper bag at Subway.
A local reader was less than happy to receive a paper bag at Subway. Minerva Studio

LETTERS: Paper bag anger


PASSING through Brissie on the way home, I picked up some Subway close to Roma Street Station.

The young lady, around 18, busily made my favourite. Italian BMT and I asked if they still have plastic carry bags.

"No, only paper bags now,” she said, to which I added: "Death of another tree”.

She quickly responded: "Better to kill a tree than a whale”.

I left thinking the Greens must be proud of having another disciple.

I wondered what this generation will do when they are living in the dark, sucking on bottled oxygen?

Maybe dreaming about whales.



Reason for season

IN ALL the excitement of chocolate, bunnies and hot cross buns, do not forget Jesus Christ, our lord and saviour, who suffered so much and died for everyone of us on the cross on that first Easter.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the new hope and life you have given us in Jesus.

Knowing Jesus is the greatest gift we can receive, sharing him is the greatest gift we can give.

A blessed Easter to all.

"Worthy is the Lamb who was slain” (Revelation 5:12 NKJ).


Bundaberg South

Pool memories

RE: The front page (NM, 09/04) on A safe area to swim, are there any old Territorians (NT) out there who remember the Lamaroo Baths that were built to swim in near Doctors Gully (where they feed the fish)?

It was built with a rock wall and wire netting to keep out sharks and crocs.

A great place to swim but is long gone now. Time and tides wiped it out.


Bundaberg East

Vegan rabble

ANYONE viewing recent interventions by rabble rousing, road-blocking vegans, anti-coal protesters, animal liberationists, farm-damaging invaders, free speech opponents, denigraters of religious beliefs etc., and are thinking it to be a passing phase, think again.

Indeed even a cursory look at history's power plays shows this form of undermining is a precursor to worse.

I kid you not; this is a standard co-ordinated attack in the long tradition of Marxist/Communist/left-wing Labor demagogue with its first aim of creating social mayhem and developing a climate for penetration via confusion.

Then when society is thoroughly disrupted they easily move in as "reformists” and take over the wreckage.

Clearly this is now happening folks with the linchpin of it all buried in the unholy alliance of Labor, unions, world financial interests and all melded together by a shadowy left organisation calling itself GetUp!

Soon follows restrictive freedoms, where you may live, what you may drive and every government powered form of social engineering that makes for a powerless yet ordered population. Is this what Aussies want?

Vote Labor or some allegedly separate independent and Australia's freedoms, jobs, family finances and way of life are firmly at risk.

Toe the leftist line and achieve the ultimate in community-controlled living where everyone is equal in their squalor, e.g. Venezuela.

Yet strangely, it always seems those calling the shots from power are a bloody sight more equal in every aspect of their life.



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UPDATE: Eight crews remain fighting Avondale fire

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