One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson.
One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson. GLENN HUNT

LETTERS: No one was told to vote One Nation

Straight shooting

THE Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia Queensland would like to correct the public record regarding some highly inaccurate comments about us published in the story Shooter hitting out at election (page 8 NewsMail Thursday, November 30).

The unnamed person in the story has made a number of concerning assertions, in particular that SSAA Queensland provided advice that our members should vote for "One Nation first, regardless of the consequences to Queensland shooters or conservative voters”.

At no point during the election campaign did SSAA Queensland officially encourage our members to vote for One Nation specifically.

Throughout the campaign, SSAA Queensland strongly supported the Flick 'Em movement, and in that spirit called on our members to "put the majors last”, as neither major party has proven themselves a friend to law-abiding shooters or regional Queensland recently.

Our members were officially encouraged to vote for independent or third party candidates in their electorate first, putting Labor and the LNP at the bottom of their preferences.

Beyond encouraging our members to "put the majors last”, we left it up to our members to decide who would best represent their electorate.

SSAA Queensland has a long history of willingness to work with pro-shooting political parties and organisations, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum.

It is disappointing the person in the story considered the political efforts of law-abiding shooters across Queensland to have been misguided, especially as the election results have not been officially declared and a number of seats remain in doubt.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, SSAA Queensland will work with all levels of government and any MP willing to sit down with us, regardless of party affiliation, to represent our 68,000 members and their views and ensure the continuing growth, viability and enjoyment of our sport.



Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Queensland

Partnership trouble

THE National Party is sick and tired of being the "junior” partners with the Libs, it's about time this so-called partnership was dissolved.

Now the Nats only think that the south-east is the country, so it's about time they got back to their grass roots and started to do something for the rest of this state and the country.

The current system of preferences is fundamentally flawed as the correct way to determine who gets the elected position is based on the number of votes he/she gets in an election not on who gives their preferences to them.

For example if I vote for so and so then they should either win or lose on the numbers who voted for them.

It would be a huge kick in the backside for the Libs if the Nats went it alone. The popular vote should be the decider not "second hand” votes.

At the present time a person can get the most votes but be beaten by the preference system. You can't say this is right.

If I stand for a position at a local club or organisation then I either win or lose on the basis of who voted for me or the other contenders, but I would not expect the losers to give their votes to another candidate to get them over the line so why do we put up with this stupid practice from the elected seat-warmers in state and federal seats?


Elliott Heads

Name and shame

WHY is it about every six months we read a report in the NewsMail about visa holders on Bundaberg farms being mistreated and robbed blind by unscrupulous farmers and companies?

Why have there not been major prosecutions in Bundaberg and surrounds?

Why do these phoney politicians cry when the foreign workers boycott Bundaberg because of this slave mentality of the growers, owners and multinationals?

Why are these growers getting federal and state subsidies when they blatantly rob people of wages well earned?

I bet none of those with the power to stop this atrocity would bend their backs like these foreign workers do for money, just bend enough to get the snouts in the trough is enough for them.

I would ask the NewsMail to print large numbers in the heading space for the next lot of stories about the plight of these workers in line with the number of times it has been written about.

Name and shame and demand action from the no-hopers elected to represent the people. That includes foreign workers.

Do the story right for once, NewsMail, and stop pandering to the LNP.


Burnett Heads

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