LIFELINE CUT: Older residents are vulnerable as landlines don't work under the NBN when the power goes off, says a reader.
LIFELINE CUT: Older residents are vulnerable as landlines don't work under the NBN when the power goes off, says a reader. DGLimages

LETTERS: NBN is a step back

NBN a step back

THE storm that hit Bundaberg this week, leaving many areas without power for upwards of 36 hours, exposed yet another failing in the NBN debacle.

No power, no landline phones.

The larger part of our elderly residents rely on their landline as a lifeline.

They either can't afford or can't manage a mobile phone so are left vulnerable in what can be a life-threatening situation.

Family and friends are unable to phone them to check how they are and they can't call for help.

This is a regressive step so far backwards that it puts us in third world conditions.

Did anyone in whichever government think this through before forcing it on to people who didn't need or want it?

A residence where there is no computer, only a landline phone, now has to be encumbered by a bulky modem simply to route calls and goes down every time there's a power outage.

How is this progress?



Labor delivers

CARMEL Jensen of Svensson Heights (NM, 23/10) asks why unions would be supporting Leanne Donaldson in the state election campaign.

As the president of the Bundaberg North branch of the Queensland Teachers' Union representing most teachers in government schools, I am very happy to explain, but first it should be emphasised the QTU is not affiliated with any political party, nor does it make direct financial donations to parties or candidates.

It does however engage in political campaigning, because the government is our employer determining the salary and conditions of state school teachers and it implements policies in state schools that directly affect the education of children.

The QTU, through consultation with members, assesses the education policies and previous performance of parties to determine their support.

Rather than becoming involved in rumour, hearsay and gossip or an expose of personal details, our interest is on how well politicians do their job.

There is no doubt that Leanne Donaldson has been a great supporter of public schools and teachers in this term of government.

Our members have met regularly with her and she has taken concerns to Brisbane and advocated strongly with ministers to great effect.

She has stood up for Bundaberg and gained significant amounts of funding, such as the new hall for Kepnock State High School and new playground for Bundaberg Special School.

The previous Newman-Nicholls government inflicted disastrous damage on state schools.

As treasurer in that government, Tim Nicholls had no problems sacking more than 500 teachers, closing schools and showed zero respect for teachers through failing to consult with the QTU.

In very stark contrast, Ms Donaldson and her ALP colleagues, particularly the excellent education minister Kate Jones, have re-employed more than 800 teachers, are opening six new schools and have worked extremely co-operatively with the QTU.

Nicholls and the LNP may talk big in an election campaign about what they will do in government.

When the QTU examines the record of the previous LNP and ALP governments, for the QTU and for every mum and dad with a genuine concern for education of their children, it is frankly a "no-brainer” as to why Ms Donaldson and the ALP are being so strongly supported. So Ms Jensen, 'actions speak louder than words' when looking at each party's stewardship of public schools.



Bundaberg North QTU

Tech troubles

THE way we are bringing up our children these days, with all this technology, we are creating a world of dumb children.

They are taught to use these computers, iPads and mobile phones, but they are not being taught to use the best computer of all given to them by God, their brains.

All of this technology is putting thousands of people out of work, and it is going to continue to get worse.

Even a two-year-old child can be seen rubbing their finger across a screen copying their parents and siblings.

No one can say this is all necessary in our lives.

It is wrong to totally rely on computers.

What happens when the power supply is cut off?

The world comes to a standstill, and has to shut down.

The staff cannot go back to using their brains.

I am 82 years old, have been in business and spent my private life without computers, and my brain is functioning very well.

You can't say this about our kids. Ask them to do a sum and they will ask "What is a sum?”.

People are complaining about the cost of living. Yet people are conned into buying little Johnny a mobile or an iPad.

Parents, wake up and stop feeding these multi-million-dollar companies from overseas all these sales paying hardly any tax on their profits.

Our Government wants to increase the age for smoking and drinking but they allow these appliances to baby sit children of two or three year old.

I saw a mum in Woolies with two tots, both with a mobile phone but no footwear.

Wake up, mums, and help protect our children.



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