A letter writer says no animal is safe from man's exploitation.
A letter writer says no animal is safe from man's exploitation. Molly Glassey

LETTERS: Milk debate continues among readers

No animal safe

I DON'T know why it's so difficult for Bryce McGregor (NM, 14/06) to understand that mothers' milk is a baby food.

Even the dictionary tells us it's "an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young”.

Clearly, cow's milk is intended for the nourishment of baby cows.

The word milk, used as a verb, actually means "exploit” or "take advantage of”. It's no secret that dairy farmers exploit cows for profit.

The farmers are well aware of the anguish and pain they inflict on cows by forcing them to give birth each year then immediately stealing their precious babies.

And they are well aware of the suffering they inflict on the babies when they truck them to the slaughterhouse in their first week of life.

But all they care about is making money.

Just because you buy your milk in a carton, Bryce, doesn't alter the fact that you are nursing from a cow.

And yes, we are now stealing milk from various other animals - including camels.

Sadly, no animal is safe from man's ruthless exploitation.


Monbulk, Victoria

Going nowhere fast

I CAN'T make up my mind.

We have a new editor who takes values from his old stomping ground or is he bringing a new view to the region?

His suggestion that we in this area are suffering badly in the latest budget because this is a safe conservative seat worries me.

He has to be right. Look at the last short-term Labor member, a woman who achieved results that were downplayed.

I have said previously that I support the Liberal coalition but I think this has gone too far in our electorate.

This city is going nowhere, as we wait for a new overdue hospital, which our local members tell us is on their agenda and pushing for, but has about as much chance as a jellyfish in a blender.

I'm prepared to reconsider my voting values for the benefit of our community.

Surely there must be real significant candidates out there who can topple this unbalanced monopoly and get the power in the south east to deliver for our families and their children.



Fight for us

SO MEMBER for Burnett Stephen Bennett is faced with a dilemma associated with the State Budget (NM, 13/06).

He applauds some of the infrastructure and social measures while at the same time does not believe that we as a region were adequately funded, that is according to his wish list.

Perhaps he should consider the fact that he is our representative in the state parliament and it is his job to lobby for our needs.

The fact that the LNP is not in power on George St is a weak excuse for his lack of effort on our behalf.

Hervey Bay did quite well in the budget and they have an LNP representative.

If Stephen has a powerful argument for our needs, he is required as our representative to press it in the direction of those holding the purse strings.

It stands to logic that the sitting government would welcome his seat to their numbers so any good move financially would help them achieve this.

On the other side of the coin it would result in a chest-beating moment for him.

Both he and LNP leader Deb Frecklington operate on the principle that they are the Opposition so to oppose anything and everything is the way to go, when they should be only wanting what's best for Queensland.

Stephen then ices his budget summation with the real pearl that he is concerned about what he terms melodramatically a "sleeping giant”, which is debt.

Well every state is carrying debt, due mainly to high infrastructure spending.

They all have lower debt due to them selling off their assets while Queensland voters through the ballot box made it quite clear that they did not endorse the Campbell Newman/LNP proposal for us to join in the asset bargain sales.

We all realise that you can't have spending without borrowing which automatically becomes debt and in our case the Treasurer has advised that ours is manageable.

The budget has been widely accepted across the state.

So how about the Mr Bennett and Bundaberg MP David Batt get busy by lobbying for flood mitigation funding and other needy projects instead of waiting until the horse has bolted to whinge about the lack of funding, starting with the poorly timed Bundaberg Region Presentation Day today.



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