Rebecca Hutchins at the Moncreiff for Les Mis.
Rebecca Hutchins at the Moncreiff for Les Mis. Mike Knott BUN280319LES4

LETTERS: Local praise plus politics

Praise for Les Mis

EVERYONE involved with the recent production of Les Misérables at the Moncrieff should feel extremely proud.

The quality of the presentation for a local group in a city the size of Bundaberg is amazing.

The contribution of the Bundaberg Players Incorporated to the social and cultural fabric of the area should not be underestimated. Congratulations to all involved.



Question for pollies

DEAR Mr Pitt and MrPascoe,

As the majority vote, either of your parties will win office, with maybe some support from other parties, so I ask this question of you both.

What is your party's policy with regards to ensuring keeping those people with private health insurance in their funds?

This is more aimed at aged pensioners and self-funded retirees but it will affect working families and other contributors.

The continual contribution (premiums) increase is unaffordable to age pensioners and self-funded retirees because CPI does not keep up with annual contribution increases.

This in turn sees membership cancellations and a further burden on the public system.

I suggest that capping contributions, say at an example of 65 years in line with current age pension rules, would be a positive step to ensure people remain in private health insurance.

This is dependent on the type of cover that a member has.

This may seem a pie-in-the-sky suggestion in asking the Federal Government to pay for contributions that are above an agreed capped baseline. I have no costings to provide, but in my example, my fund has increased contributions by 16 per cent.

And this is the most competitive fund. My Commonwealth Government superannuation indexed pension has increased only by 2 per cent.

If some measure like my example isn't considered, be prepared to bear the massive cost impost as the floodgates of people leaving their funds continues to open wider.



No love for Labor

I CAN'T believe people can't see through Labor and Greens policies. What policies?

All they seem capable of is rubbishing the Liberal Party.

We all know that Labor and Greens are a communist party just out for power.

The unions will say anything and do anything to get into power.

The reason they want the boat people back is because they will vote for their communist buddies, so go ahead!

Vote for all the communist party people and watch as our country goes down the tubes.

Bring out as many eggs as you can, muster non-communist believers. It's going to be the only way to survive.

If you can't see how Labor is running this state, it's time to visit Spec Savers. Looks like I'll have to move back to New South Wales.

If you want a Labor government why not try before you buy? Move to a communist-run country. Hope you enjoy.



Top job, Deanne

A BIG thumbs-up to Deanne, our wonderful and very valuable staff member in the Paras Ward of the Bundaberg Hospital.

Your wonderful, happy, bubbly personality lights up the lives of the sick and elderly in hospital.

You go above and beyond to bring cheer to staff and patients.

We are blessed to have you.



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