TOUGH TALK: Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington walks ahead of colleagues. Photo Steve Pohlner
TOUGH TALK: Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington walks ahead of colleagues. Photo Steve Pohlner

LETTERS: LNP dramas follow same old tired script



WITHOUT being overly cynical isn't it amazing that when a political leader is struggling in the popularity polls the powers to be embark on a resurrection plan to increase the wounded one's popularity?

In this current case it is all about the popularity of parliamentary Opposition Leader of the LNP Deb Frecklington as opposed to Labor's Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk. Poor Deb, she can't take a trick against Anna and we have elections coming in a couple of months.

What can we do about it? It is too late to change leaders and the very attraction of having a female leader to oppose a female Premier seemed like a good thing when Deb was appointed and still is an attractive way to go, a plan of attack is needed.

The scene is set and we now have a plan, lets have a challenge to Deb's leadership. Enter David Crisafulli a very minor politician now from the Gold Coast who originally came from Townsville.

David in a clandestine way speaks up issuing a challenge to Deb's leadership.

Now just like a movie plot, the new tough Deb say's that she won't be bullied by the back room boys and that she is here to stay. Tough talk.

The aim here of course is to show Deb in a new light and with that brings a certain amount of sympathy among the voters particularly when the word "bullied" is used and of course as a by- product enhances David Crisafulli's image of being a tough guy in his electorate. Good plan, maybe we should sell it to Hollywood. Not really a good idea that, as they have used this plot many times in their movies and they survive on originality.

Let's wait and see if the voters bought it. The next poll will tell.

- R. Henderson, Sharon


AS BUNDY'S state MP, I've always had a strong focus on student education and safety.

In October last year I was so proud funding was secured for airconditioning all Bundaberg state school classrooms and have continued to fight for flashing school zone signs at all Bundaberg schools.

Flashing school zone signs are a proven and effective method in reminding motorists to slow down during peak school times, protecting everyone on the road.

In September 2019 flashing school zone signs were secured for Branyan Drive at Branyan Road State School, Mt Perry Rd at Bundaberg North State School and Elliott Heads Rd at Woongarra State School.

While this is fantastic for these schools, there are still numerous zones at the 24 schools in the Bundy electorate that still need them - many of which have no school zone signage whatsoever.

At the last state election in 2017, the LNP committed to installing the signs at all Bundy schools and since then, I've continually written to the minister and spoken in parliament to call on Labor to do the same.

I won't give up until our school zones are appropriately signed. At a relatively low cost, they make a world of difference.

- David Batt, State Member for Bundaberg


VICTORIA and New South Wales are pressuring us to open our border.


More and more cases are happening down there.

Perhaps these southern states are extremely generous as they want to share their misery and not keep it all to themselves.

Queensland's premier needs to keep our state as safe as possible for as long as possible.

- Jim Carter, Elliott Heads

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