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LETTERS: Lifting the lid on tinned tomatoes

Lifting the lid

I WISH to correct Mr Archer's assumption that artificial flavouring must be added to canned tomatoes to give them flavour (NM, 20/03).

>> LETTER: Where are all the tasty tomatoes? 

Having worked in the tomato processing industry for more than years I can confirm there is no artificial anything added to canned tomatoes other than salt.

Canned varieties in juice or tomato paste contain pulp made from the fruit rejected from the line due to colour or size.

Table tomatoes and processing tomatoes are very different varieties.

Processing tomatoes have a very thick skin to handle mechanical harvesting and are also breed to have more flesh than seeds and pulp so they do not squash during travel and machine peeling.

Breeding also ensures the entire bush ripens at exactly the same time to allow a once over harvest while achieving a uniform shade of redness.

They are not very palatable on a sandwich in their raw form, not due to lack of flavour but because they are tough and pulpy.



Our political climate

A COUPLE of questions for the experts.

First consider the following. All the scientific evidence suggests that at the warmest point of the Holocene, about 7000 years ago, North Queensland's rainforests expanded dramatically.

If climate alarmists are to be believed, warming will bring more droughts, floods and fires.

But droughts and fires are fatal to rainforest.

Ironically most Australian rainforest trees like good drainage, so more floods could also be problematical.

What rainforests really love is rainfall spread more evenly throughout the year and the humidity that goes with it.

So the question is: can you outline a climate scenario that accounts for the near doubling of the wet tropics rainforest during the Holocene Climate Optimum?

The second question concerns the belief that Gough Whitlam's dismantling of our trade tariffs is responsible for our present-day prosperity.

As there is no evidence that Whitlam knew of our undiscovered wealth in iron ore, coal and gas, what industries would have earned Australia's keep if geology hadn't saved us?

Or how close would we have come to being a basket case economy like Greece but for luck?

If you like scary scenarios, here's one.

Trump is a transactional president.

He is making a not unreasonable claim for trade parity from his major trade partners.

As gas displaces coal from electricity generation in the US, Trump has promised to support US coal miners.

The US has begun to ramp up coal exports.

Our biggest coal markets in east Asia have huge trade surpluses with the US.

They could cut a deal to save their own export industries. And one of the pillars of our economy would get a lot more shaky.

The one potential market for our coal that lacks a huge trade surplus with the US is India.

You know, the country the Labor Party is doing its best to upset.

Does anyone else see the link between Palaszczuk, Adani and chickpeas?


Apple Treek Creek

Seeking help

I WAS wondering if you or your readers can help me.

I'm looking to contact David and Kelly Southgate, who are old friends.

I first met David almost half a century ago in Sydney where we both worked as teenagers.

David and Kelly moved from Brisbane to Bundaberg some time ago and built and operated a B&B called Coopers Couples Retreat. They sold out some years ago and retired to residential Bundaberg.

Their residential address was never known, but PO box numbers, telephone numbers and email addresses were provided as a means of contact.

The last known address as of early 2017 was PO Box 5196, Bundaberg West, 4670.

I admit to being slack about contacting them, with only a few emails and sending Christmas cards in 2016 and 2017.

I have had computer problems over some time and recent emails to them are returned. Their last known mobile telephone number has been disconnected.

I appreciate this is a big ask, but I'm hoping that through you I may be able to re-establish contact with them.


Port Macquarie

Judge for yourself

A PROMINENT judge recently explained that his sentence included a doctrine of example to would-be miscreants.

A mother taking her child to school for the first time approaches the teacher and explains that her child is so very sensitive that should he misbehave punishing the child next to him would cause enough anxiety to punish her child.

This of course is a major tenet in Christianity: Jesus's crucifixion is beneficial for all who believe in him. Sacrifice the lamb to cause enough anxiety to dissuade sinning. Unfortunately, the same paradigm pervades our legal system. Punish miscreants as an example to other miscreants.

Sentencing should address the malfeasance, recalcitrance and recidivism of the offender.

In 18th century England the death penalty did not dissuade crime.



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