SAD END: A letter writer says a knagaroo joey was left to die on the side of the road.
SAD END: A letter writer says a knagaroo joey was left to die on the side of the road. Robyne Cuerel

LETTERS: Joey left to die in pain

Joey left in pain

TO THE heartless driver on Birthamba Road who hit a little joey on Friday, the 24th and left it there to bleed out with a snapped leg, you disgust me!

A Telstra worker came to repair our phone this morning just after 11am and he asked if I knew a wildlife carer.

He then told me about the joey on the side of the road.

I asked him to take me to it and he did.

Cars had run over this criticality injured joey's tail while it was laying there bleeding.

I called a wildlife carer, but the joey passed before anyone could come.

Thank you to the man who turned around and came back to help us.

To the scum who hit this innocent animal, I hope you have damage to your car.

And just so you know, this little joey died surrounded by people showing it love and respect.

It was not alone when it passed.


South Kolan

Pigs still hurting

THE young piggery that has reduced the use of antibiotics may be "a leader in low antibiotic use” (Piggery a leader in low antibiotic use, 24/11) but that won't make life any less painful for the thousands of pitiful animals imprisoned within it's walls.

The 2000 sows, so cruelly incarcerated for nothing but their reproductive abilities, will still be forced to endure lives of unbearable suffering.

In their farrowing crates they can do no more than take one step forward or backwards and many have great difficulty standing up or lying down due to weakness, the tiny size of their cages, and the slippery metal floor.

This week the White Ribbon Campaign has drawn attention to the violence that is inflicted on women and the need to end it.

Surely the time has come for a similar campaign to end the violence to the millions of helpless and vulnerable females imprisoned in our farms.

We can all help 'start the ball rolling' by refusing to support these cruel animal industries with our consumer dollars.



Dogs suffering

PAGE 9 article in Rural Weekly, wild dogs attacking wildlife, pets and livestock, we all know what action will be taken on those wild dogs that humans put there in the first place, a terrible death by 1080.

Page 19 article in Rural Weekly, crocodile killed at least 10 head of cattle, working dogs and injured two horses and guess what the crocodile was then taken to a croc farm or zoo.

Let's not discuss how many humans crocodiles have killed but they get a smack on the head and relocated, if you're a dog or dingo they get to die a horrible death.

Someone please explain.



Go vegan

THE story on the ABC last week showing chickens being scalded to death in a Victorian abattoir shocked many viewers, but also illustrates a basic truth about animal agriculture: wherever there is exploitation for money, there will be abuse.

Corporations that abuse animals are governed only by their bottom line - animal welfare will always play second fiddle.

This is the way economics works, and calling for better supervision, by governments who see their role as maximising those same profits, is whistling in the wind.

The only way to stop chickens being slaughtered in agony at a fraction of their potential lives, or the other shocking abuse of other animals we have witnessed repeatedly in exposes by animal activists (and never by government inspections), is to vote with our dollars.

Three times daily, we can all vote to stop animal abuse by choosing to buy delicious, healthy vegan foods instead of artery-blocking animal flesh, milk and eggs.


PETA Australia

Turnbull turmoil

BY HIS own benchmark, Malcolm Turnbull, with 23 consecutive poll defeats, now has only seven left before he must resign or forever be seen as a total hypocrite by everybody.

He set the mark when knifing Abbott, and that knifing was the last good thing he has done for the benefit of the Australian people.


Elliott Heads

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