STOP: Steve Cooper has been told to stop playing gender card.
STOP: Steve Cooper has been told to stop playing gender card. Mike Knott BUN191217COOPER3

LETTERS: gender card

Thanks for that

ON TUESDAY, January 9, my young daughter and I were in line for X-rays at the Friendlies after her having a blood test.

Standing in line my daughter suddenly fainted and went face-first into a small table.

I started screaming somebody please help her and when they rolled her over she had cut open her eyebrow and blood was gushing.

I have PTSD and had a major panic attack. I also ended up on the floor.

I need to acknowledge the wonderful blonde lady who was just a patient, who came to my aid and talked me through my panic attack.

Thank you so much for your calm help.

I cannot speak highly enough of the wonderful staff who couldn't do enough to help.

My concern is that there was not a single doctor who could look at my daughter's injury and perhaps stitch it.

How does that happen in a private hospital in this day and age?

Her trauma was highlighted by the fact that we then had to go to her GP who was also amazing.

Please take this as our personal thanks.




AM I the only reader who is tired of political rants being passed off as letters to the editor?

They are overlong, repetitive, boring and contain nothing new.

Perhaps they could be replaced by a shortened version possibly like this.

Title of political party.

For or against.


We can assume they stand for the usual spiel.

Only my party is composed of united civic minded pillars of society whose only interest in life is to improve the conditions of their fellow citizens.

The opposition, of course, is a mere rabble without education, business ability or morals, etc.

The saved space could be devoted to subjects more of interest to the average married voter.

Perhaps sex and violence?



Gender card?

STEVE Cooper's uncalled for rant about another candidate's level-headed policies (NM January 4) does little to endorse his credibility as a candidate in the forthcoming council election.

But Mr Cooper wasn't satisfied with disparaging the other candidate's policies.

He then falsely accused the candidate of "playing the gender card” when nothing could have been further from the truth.

Indeed it was Mr Cooper himself who brought up the gender issue when he would have been far more productive by informing Bundaberg's struggling citizens how he planned to reduce costs and overheads to reduce their burgeoning rates bill.

Maybe by cutting councillors' pay and reducing their expense accounts.

But he saw fit to make it a gender issue because it suited his purpose to generate some free publicity for himself.

Indeed his criticism read almost like a press release you would expect from a political party propaganda machine.

And talking about political parties it's a well-known fact that the majority of Bundaberg councillors belong to a certain political organisation.

As are any number of local business people both past and present who are/were selected by political organisations to run in this election.

Party politics should have no place in local councils.

They are corrupt enough at state and federal level without having them pollute local government.

And if it is compulsory for candidates in state and federal elections to declare their political affiliations or independence then it's good enough for local council elections.

Any candidate who doesn't publicly declare his or her independence should be regarded as a political party sycophant.

They are not worthy of public support and should be dumped at the ballot box.



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