LETTERS: Female voices getting louder, stronger



Women need to be celebrated in 2021 for their contribution to society.

In every patriarchal society, this half of the population, globally, has too long been dictated to; defining what they are, their roles and their limitations.

The 1970's author Germaine Greer's "The Female Eunuch" challenged the status quo of repressed Australian suburban women as devitalised and depressed, telling us how it was

However, a third millennium revolution has a ground swell of support from the media and Australian of the Year 2021, Grace Tame, has used her platform to give voice to the suppressed, exposing the undercurrent of unwanted sexual advances on women.

Her support for survivors of rape, lobbying for legal reform and women's rights, has opened public dialogue on inappropriate sexual violence towards women currently, in every strata of global society.

Such role models are empowering generations of females to take control of their lives and destinies.

The 1972 Helen Reddy anthem "I am Woman" began a revolution of women's rights and status in society, facilitating changes in the Family Court system and workplaces.

However, the glass ceiling was always a bridge too far for women emerging from a history of subservience and subordination.

For women of minority groups and ethnicity, it was a double glass ceiling.

The under-representation of women in corporate Australia and politics hinders progress.

Change is slow and challenging, but it is younger generations of women who are taking the lead in change.

More vocal and outspoken than their female predecessors, they have no hesitation to speak and ask what they expect from our politicians and bosses.

They are confronting a male-dominated society which has failed them, but cannot but hear their voices getting louder, going forward.

Eloise Rowe,

Tannum Sands




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