JUICY FRUIT: Leanne Donaldson will need all the help she can get says one letter writer.
JUICY FRUIT: Leanne Donaldson will need all the help she can get says one letter writer. Eliza Goetze

LETTERS: Donaldson needs all the help she can get

AFTER reading the Newsmail, (September 8), I think Leanne Donaldson will need all the union help she can muster.

She is not exactly a star performer and I think she has been a huge disappointment for Labor.

She has been too busy trying to distract the community from her own poor performance by blaming Canberra, (yawn).

Seriously, she really hasn't brought anything to the region.

All she has done is continue on the programs that were already on the go via the previous LNP government like the fire station, Mon Repos, gas pipeline and Knauf.

These were all courtesy of Jack Dempsey, the council and Pitt.

Even that, they almost stuffed up with delays while they did their reviews.

I'm still waiting on how she is going to "flood proof" the region.

It's still all talk and action plans.

Trouble is, Bundy has high electricity prices which are set to go higher plus our wages have stagnated because of union deals.

I'm not sure if the little green ETU men would be so welcome when they fly in again on their union paid junkets to support this embattled little princess.

Even after paying her overdue rates bills while earning over $300k.

After all, the ETU are the only ones benefiting, not the Bundaberg community, our farmers, our seniors or our youth.


Burrum Heads

Thanks NewsMail

STEPHEN Beiger's (NM September 8) mini meltdown about the NewsMail seemingly attacking his beloved Labor/Union/Green party is a joke.

Good on NewsMail for printing mine and others' letters and articles because this is what people are talking about in the community.

All political parties take heed about the astronomical rise of electricity and water and costs of living.

It's common sense - if you want the high wages then you need to keep the input costs cheap.

But there is no common sense in Labor's rank and file.

All union people have very little real-world experience in running businesses or farming enterprises in the Wide Bay, or in regional Australia for that matter.

Your beloved unions which fund the Labor Party do not represent the workers any more.

Simply by their actions of systematically killing off weekend penalty rates for workers shows that.

Any wonder we have low wages here in Bundaberg as it is these large chains that dominate regional towns.

Labor continue to cut penalty rate deals with national chain stores like KFC, Big W, Coles, Woolies and Target.

Labor was happy to give these large chain stores more operating hours with their cheaper wages and electricity deals at the expense of small business.

The same ones that are automating their checkouts, not employing our youth and driving out local businesses.

Thanks to LNP for stopping this.

The blatant tax gouging of electricity forcing costs up another 70% and now water is being targeted.

I'm glad the ACCC is reviewing this as it is unsustainable.

Thanks to the LNP for doing this.

The Buy Local campaign is a poorly designed policy to appeal to disaffected voters that will hurt farmers and larger Queensland companies.

LNP have always encouraged this practice of buying local with some 84% of services/products used/brought; but some goods you just need to get elsewhere.

Don't get me started on the lies with Medicare and the penalty rates cuts.

The Labor/union propaganda will no doubt appear in my 'no junk mail' letterbox real soon, blaming everyone but themselves.

Yes, your beloved inexperienced Labor ministers, Stephen, are like kids around a money jar.

Using government money to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Duplicating services, providing 'extra' concessions to win votes and spend without any thought to cover up their botched balance sheets.

Even the independent Auditor-General has expressed alarm, especially when Labor say they have a surplus.

Thanks NewsMail for letting me express my opinion.


Bundaberg North

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