GOOD: A NewsMail reader has defended Dr Richard Hocking.
GOOD: A NewsMail reader has defended Dr Richard Hocking. News Corp

LETTERS: Doctor did a fantastic job

Great doctor

I READ with interest the article about Dr Richard Hocking one of the orthopaedic surgeons at Bundaberg Base Hospital.

I returned to Bundaberg after having a knee replaced at another hospital only to find it had a severe staph infection.

After consulting with Dr Hocking, he decided to fit a temporary knee until the infection was gone.

I found Dr Hocking to be very professional, very serious about my predicament and he made me feel I was in very capable hands.

I found him very approachable. Nothing seemed like too much trouble.

Ten weeks later my infection was gone and Dr Hocking will give me another proper knee next week.

I have 100% confidence in him and together with the wonderful hospital people I am looking forward to restored good health.



Christ in Blue Care?

FORMED in 1977, the Uniting Church is a union of the Congregational Union, Methodist and Presbyterian churches of Australia.

In uniting, the members testified to "that unity which is both Christ's gift and will for the Church”.

UnitingCare Australia was established in 1999 with its mission to "express God's love for all people through the Uniting Church's commitment to supporting individuals, families and communities through advocacy and the enhancement of community service provision”.

It is one of Australia's largest providers of community services employing 40,000 staff and with more than 30,000 volunteers.

Blue Care is a subsidiary providing residential aged care, community care and retirement living.

With more than 10,000 staff and volunteers, it operates in more than 260 centres in 80 communities.

It proudly states "their person-centred approach to care puts the individual needs of clients first”.

Does it?

Your paper's recent report on staff cuts and changes at Blue Care nursing homes is alarming.

My mum is a Riverlea resident and I knew nothing of changes to her care.

She is extremely disabled and there is never sufficient staff in her area.

Nursing is excellent but more carers are needed daily on the floor.

They do their best but one's heart goes out to mum when she wants to go to the toilet. At times she has had to wait up to an hour and that's when we're there.

It's not the carers' fault.

They're so thinly spread and it takes two 20 minutes.

The nurses are bogged down in endless paperwork.

It's about personal dignity and respect.

She hates it there, has terrible anxiety and requires lots of emotional support.

Drugs are the only option to quieten her - a last resort.

I don't live there.

It's a three-hour weekly round trip.

My heart cries out for her.

With already stretched care, what will become of mum under this new arrangement?

Riverlea looks wonderful - a beautiful complex, air-conditioned with mum's room generous and an ensuite.

The cost is $350,000 - the price of a new house-land package deal, plus a percentage of her pension.

It was costing monthly $3500 until we sold her home and a substantial amount paid for her room.

Have no money and the government pays.

There is a physiotherapist not for the residents but to assess residents regarding WHS for staff.

A podiatrist comes one day a month for more than 120 residents.

Blue Care in Bundaberg is a multi-million dollar operation, part of a huge UnitingCare not-for-profit conglomerate.

Where is Christ?

I hold little hope for the dedicated nurses.

Care for the residents must suffer.

Blue Care states about "declining occupancy” - what nonsense.

A family member is starting a petition.

Don't expect an outcome and certainly not from the local member - a suit climbing the greasy pole.

We're bringing mum home - not good for us but she will have good care, dignity and respect.

We'll trust in the Lord.


Burrum Heads

Garden love

WE HAVE not been to the Botanic Gardens for six months, the time our little dog Jordy died.

He enjoyed his walks there but resented the company of other dogs.

Last Sunday we got up at 6 o'clock in the morning, donned warm clothes and set off for our destination.

The air was fresh and a pleasure to breathe in deeply.

Wow, what they have done at the Japanese garden.

The pools have been renovated, allowing a rapid stream of water to bubble through, ending up with a small impression that allows the water to disappear.

Everywhere you look it's clean with large rocks and pagodas, plants that say "look at me”; it's impressive landscaping.

The people who landscape and maintain this beautiful area need recognition for the great work they do.

Special mention to the engineers who keep the trains going.

They're all a great bunch of people.

Bundaberg people are lucky to have such an outstanding botanic gardens.

Go and see it, it gets better the further you go.


North Bundaberg

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