The 650kg black marlin on the scales at the slipway in Hervey Bay.
The 650kg black marlin on the scales at the slipway in Hervey Bay. Alistair Brightman

LETTERS: Disturbed by marlin killing

Marlin killing

I WAS disturbed to see the story about a wonderful black marlin caught and killed off our coast.

These images should be viewed with repugnance as is afforded the slaughter of wildlife in Africa for no other reason than a hunter can pose on the remains of a once magnificent creature.

I view the taking of this marlin's life the same as the killing of Cecil the lion, revolting and unnecessary.

The news should report this story, not as a curiosity to be admired, but to recognise it for what it is - the killing of an awe-inducing creature for private enjoyment.

It is time to rethink whether the sports fishing industry is an acceptable amusement in the 21st century.

Fox hunting has been banned in the UK, big game hunting is not banned but vilified around the world.

Perhaps it is time for the sports fishing industry to stop viewing marlin and other species as toys for amusement and profit and recognise them as sentient living organisms and treat them with the respect this entails.

The life of this magnificent black marlin should have more value than to be killed for a moment's titillation by a few boys on a day out.

Our oceans are undoubtedly poorer without it.


Avenell Heights

Chain the men

IT SEEMS that the Bundaberg council has shown poor judgement in imposing a $261 fine for dogs caught off the leash on public beaches.

With one in three women victims of domestic violence, while dogs admittedly can be an annoying nuisance, the real danger comes from men.

It would seem logical that all dogs should be allowed to run free and unregistered while all men should be kept on an extremely short chain.



Power to kids

FEDERAL Resources Minister and National Party senator Matt "Let's build more coal driven power stations" Canavan mocked school students last week for protesting against his and other politicians' inaction on climate change (NM, 1/12) - a phenomenon that Canavan both minimises and trivialises.

In so doing, he ignored the fact that it is these same young protesters and indeed his own children who will have to live with and mitigate the increasingly destructive consequences of climate change.

All power to those students for taking the action they did.


Moore Park Beach

Time for change

SCOTT Morrison and the LNP have presided over two long terms of severe austerity, cutting spending in real terms in all departments except defence and border security.

Their boast of creating over a million jobs is hollow as the population has exploded by far bigger numbers, leaving unemployment/underemployment at record levels and wages growth only a memory.

The promised budget surplus is accompanied by the ever increasing government debt, now well over half a trillion dollars, which has grown from $136 billion during their tenure.

No wonder the electorate has decided that again, it is time for a change to responsible social and economic policies.



Hot air

THERE is a song that's says "it's better out than in, it's better out than in, after all it's natural, its really not a sin."

The song is about a boy and his flatus and releasing methane gas into the ozone.

The vegans have the strange idea that if we all stopped eating meat and all animal products there would be less methane being expelled into the ozone and would reduce global warming.

The vegans also complain about killing animals for meat so if we stop eating meat there would be far more animals giving off methane into the ozone.



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