GOING UNDER: A photo of Wyllie St taken earlier this month.
GOING UNDER: A photo of Wyllie St taken earlier this month. Jay Fielding

LETTERS: Council lets down residents on drainage

BUNDABERG Mayor Jack Dempsey and his councillors are trying to score brownie points with the facelifts of Bourbong St and Bargara parks but they are turning their backs on the ratepayers of Wyllie St, Thabeban, who have been appealing for better drainage to previous and present councils since about 1978.

We still get 170mm of water over the road and some homes flood with much less rain than we received on October 2.

The new QFES and QAS building now built in Wyllie St without proper drainage requirements has made the problem worse and more homes affected.

Five days later water was still being pumped from the complex and spilling on to the roadway which council appears to condone.

This task, we were informed, was undertaken by private plumbers.

The only person from the council who spoke to the distraught residents and ratepayers was Councillor Ross Sommerfeld and at no time did Cr Dempsey check out the situation or listen to the people affected.

Remember, Cr Dempsey, you should be acting in the interest of all ratepayers who pay your wages and not just a few.

The photos of the conditions at the height of the storm tell the true story but asking this council to address the situation is fruitless as they are not a proactive council but a band-aid council.

Good luck on your CBD facelift, Cr Dempsey, but keep in mind the next elections.




WE'VE heard it called everything from man-made climate change to global warming, to now Al Gore calling it the climate crisis so I suppose this is its new branding.

It's become like a product those who believe it have to rebrand regularly as some inconvenient facts come out and damage the old brand.

Others see it as a religion to preach about warning of doom and apocalyptic consequences if their preaching isn't heeded.

One thing these believers seldom talk about is geo-engineering. This is literally mankind going up in planes to spray materials into clouds that make it rain. It's called cloud seeding and yep, Australia does it too, along with virtually every other country on Earth.

Tasmania's government owned power company Hydro Tasmania was asked to explain cloud seeding in the catchment days before a massive flood which caused deaths in June 2016.

When a hurricane wipes out the US territory of Puerto Rico I've heard at least one commentator blame global warming. Not a mention here nor there about geo-engineering.

It seems to me when it suits their political agenda they blame global warming and you hear it after virtually every major weather event "see it was caused by global warming, we told you it's real”.

When we know in at least the Tasmanian flood case it may have literally been caused by man meddling in the weather by cloud seeding.

When every other country on earth is meddling with the weather here or there in a planetary sized science experiment is it any wonder there may be some negative and unforeseen consequences?


Bundaberg North

Not Cool, Labor

I WAS amused when I noted that Labor was giving everyone cash to splash out on a new PeakSmart air-conditioner.

Really? Who buys these and are they made in Australia?

It is clear the Labor Party is in fear of losing this election with all its quasi-policies it is pretending to implement to win votes in the regional areas. Labor-Green ideology is destroying and bankrupting our regional state and communities.

Labor has already proven it will disregard its own Buy Queensland procurement guidelines locally - it has done this by giving contracts to others outside our region for the Tobruk, Mon Repos, dredging operations and the fire and ambulance station.

I, for one, will not be dictated to by any government who wants to blame us for excessive energy use when it is clearly the mismanagment of the Labor Party and its 50% RET policy that will cause the summer blackouts.

I'm am not going to waste money on an air-conditioner that will automatically click on to "economy” mode at the behest of our power companies. This is big brother at its worst.

Labor needs to guarantee supply and to ensure our economy remains competitive and not be a basket case like South Australia's. Unfortunately, we are seeing all the signs of it being otherwise.



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