NO DINOSAURS PLEASE: A letter writer says we need clean energy.
NO DINOSAURS PLEASE: A letter writer says we need clean energy. Tegan Annett

LETTERS: Clean energy needed

Clean energy is the way of the future

I FIND it unbelievable that the Federal National Party are calling for the scrapping of subsidies for the renewable energy providers.

How backward and retarded are these dinosaurs?

The future for power must come from clean energy and the planning for this should have started yesterday.

The funding has to be increased not cut.

We have seen what happens to farming when subsidies are cut, the import of fruit and vegies goes up, orchards have been ploughed in and fruit juice imported, all at the expense of our farmers.

The very same dinosaurs want to build a nuclear power station costing upwards of $15-$20 billion dollars and, taking up to ten years to build.

I wonder how much the cost of power would be when it's up and running? In Europe and the U.K. they are having problems with their nuclear power stations and in Germany they have gone to clean renewable energy with no problems, we should join them, seek advice from them and look forwards.

Coal fired power stations are the solid tyres of yesteryear, good then but, times have changed and so has the climate.



No mob tactics

The campaign for same-sex marriage is now in full swing.

Whenever there is a meeting scheduled by the no side to present their case, the yes advocates turn up in force and yell, scream and jostle attendees who come to the no's public meetings.

The yes people don't seem to want free and reasonable debate during this campaign.

In many cases security has to be hired to maintain peace at the no events as well as police in attendance.

The behaviour of the yes campaigners remind me of the crowd who tried to bash down Mr Lot's doorway back there in ancient Sodom.

It's time for everyone in this debate to cool it and use peaceful persuasion rather than the tactics of the mob.


Glen Aplin

Soft on crime

LABOR'S soft on crime approach is failing Queenslanders.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has wound back tough laws and failed to give frontline police the support they need to prevent and detect crime.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government is more concerned about the rights of criminals than the rights of the community to be safe in their homes.

The latest official police crime statistics released at the end of June revealed that for the last year across Queensland:

  • Assaults increased by 12.1%
  • Robberies increased by 28%
  • Break-ins increased by 13.3%
  • Car theft and hooning offences increased by 20.8%
  • Domestic violence order breaches increased by 10.8%

That means almost 2500 more people have been assaulted, almost 400 more homes and business have been robbed and more than 4000 more homes and businesses have been broken into.

It means more than 2000 more cars have been stolen and used for hooning and about 2500 more breaches of domestic violence protection orders.

Under the LNP's plan, families will be safer after we restore police resources to help get drugs such as ICE out of our communities and organised crime gangs out of Queensland again.

The LNP will invest in our police to help them in the ongoing war against crime and we will increase penalties and community payback for young offenders so that they are accountable for their actions.

We will address the underlying causes of crime to rehabilitate offenders and focus on reducing re-offending rates.


LNP Shadow Police Minister

Bacteria and us

THERE is a symbolic relationship between the kilograms of bacteria residing in our gut and the rest of our body.

We provide food and they provide us with fuel and an immune system.

We see bacteria as a useful tool, they see us as a bacteria making machine that they influence chemically and get to feed on eventually.

This symbiosis began millions of years ago and will continue for as long as we do.

Let's just hope they never find out what we do with their offspring (i.e. billions of bacteria = 90% of poo).


Burnett Heads

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