IMMIGRATION DEBATE: Hervey Bay pizza chef Marion Cudemo is facing deportation over his English skills but a letter writer wonders why his English skills even matter.
IMMIGRATION DEBATE: Hervey Bay pizza chef Marion Cudemo is facing deportation over his English skills but a letter writer wonders why his English skills even matter. Valerie Horton

LETTERS: Chef should stay in Australia

Why deport chef?

NEWS reports have stated that the Department of Immigration intends to deport a chef after he has worked for 40 years in Australia because he does not speak English well enough.

This is despite his employer saying most of the credit for making his restaurant successful is due to the chef's cooking skills. Of course, migrants who break our laws should be deported.

If they commit serious crimes, such as murder, rape or robbery with violence after becoming naturalised they should be stripped of their citizenship and returned to the country of origin, but this man has not been reported to be a criminal.

As a chef his contact with the public would be extremely limited but is obviously enough for his work.

Possible citizens should be judged on what their lifestyle has contributed to the community. Australia needs workers, not talkers.



Animal cruelty

IMMANUEL Kant said "he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also to his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”.

The media has reported two kangaroos shot with a bow and arrow, one of which was immediately euthanised.

This is just the tip of an iceberg.

One has to wonder what inspires people to shoot animals.

Kangaroos, wallabies, and other native animals, feral or stock animals, even displaced pets have a right to life.

Feral animals (a major detriment to the Australian biome) have a right to a quick and humane demise, not a lingering death by poison or wounding.

Even when threatening people, most animals can be subdued without lethal force.

Most animals threaten but do not attack people and can be warded off with an aggressive response, especially when not on their own patch.

Hysteria about animals and pets is most often misplaced.

Twelve-month-old puppies do not aggressively attack any person.

They like to play and are friendly towards people.

Far too often authorities will take the word of the first interviewee and will make a biased decision on that account.

It is sad, but not unusual for authorities and the media not to evaluate or investigate both sides of the story.

We are all aware of the game of Chinese whispers.

In the same way, facts give way to opinions and unintended bias.

Fourth party vitriolic attacks and accusation may assuage the correspondent but ignorance of actual details will, in the end embarrass him.

In the end, as Howard Zinn said, "the truth has a power greater than a hundred lies”.



Stay local

ON FRIDAY the Bundaberg NewsMail published only one letter from a resident of our town... why?

We have many excellent wordsmiths right here in Bundaberg without printing opinions from other places.

The statewide newspaper is the place for intrastate opinions, not our local paper.

I know we have a new editor here from Rockhampton, but the exclusion of local contributors is not the direction that the residents want to see.

Perhaps the new bloke in charge should consider printing a Sunday edition to cater for the outsiders' opinions on the affairs concerning issues they think are important to them and their chosen towns.

Who cares what the people from Maryborough, Hervey Bay or Townsville have to say?

Our issues are many without interference from the rest of the state.

I don't think our editor will print this local letter as it might reflect a vie

w that is not in line with his stance on the direction he wants to see this paper take.

Let's wait and see 'eh?


Elliott Heads

Ed's note: Hi Jim, first and foremost, we absolutely agree with you that local letters are where it's at. We appreciate and value our local letter writers and you'll often see us putting the call out for local letters and opinions. Like all things, there is an ebb and flow and sometimes we receive large numbers of letters on local issues and other times there are fewer. Sometimes, when we don't have enough local content, we'll include letters that have been sent to us from readers in other patches. Some of our letter writers in other areas still read our paper and contribute to our opinion pages. Where possible, we always prioritise letters written in the Bundaberg and greater Bundaberg region. On Friday, some letters were written by non-local writers but all concerned topics relevant to people living in Bundy, such as the move away from plastic bags and the Cashless Debit Card.

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