Blainey Woodham

LETTER: Winter appeal support

I'M WRITING to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Queenslanders for their support of The Smith Family's 2016 Winter Appeal.

We launched the Appeal in May to raise $3.65 million by June 30 to support the education of disadvantaged children across Australia.

Our appeal highlighted the impact of severe financial disadvantage on the education of a child.

For the 638,000 children living in jobless families across Australia, every day at school can be a struggle. These children often miss out on excursions and camps, can feel isolated and alone, and are at risk of disengaging from learning.

Without educational support and extra resources, they may never reach their potential or find a pathway out of poverty.

It is heartening that our call to "end poverty - one student at a time" through education resonated with so many people in the community, who responded with great generosity.

I thank every individual who made a donation. Your support will allow us to provide out-of-school learning and mentoring programs to more than 9000 disadvantaged children across Australia this Term 3 and 4.

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