VOTE LNP: Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is the man to votefor according to one reader.
VOTE LNP: Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is the man to votefor according to one reader. LUKAS COCH

LETTER: Why Shorten shouldn't be PM

LNP stopped boats

RECENTLY, we were asked, as readers of NewsMail, to voice a choice between Shorten or Turnbull.

I never have had a solid view on this being apolitical.

However, in being forced to think more in depth, the conclusion is obvious.

The recent sad demise of a lovable young Australian boy, by terrorists in Spain, wrenched the heart.

Thoughts of the anguish his family will be burdened with, extend beyond belief.

Grief cannot extinguish the facts, it need not have occurred.

Then, it reminded me, of the agonising tragedies, we witnessed before, of boat people's children, drowning off our coasts.

Sorrow extends to these little ones too.

And their families.

It need not have occurred.

So, what have the deaths of children, to do with our political parties?

It was finally clear.

While Labor was in charge, they had no control over the boats arriving.

Their attitude was just letting it happen, totally disorganised chaos, leading to unnecessary drowning deaths.

The LNP, horrified by the wanton carnage, soon took steps to prevent this happening.

They stopped the boats.

No more terrible tragedies for them, or us, the people of Australia.

In light of this, it occurred to me, that human conscience plays a huge part and therefore the appreciation of what the LNP did, in order to preserve life, has won my support.

Maybe the Labor party thought the freedom to boat here, was paramount.

But, where was the responsibility, for human lives?

Their criminal neglect left no alternative.

It has to be the LNP.



Love is the glue

A WORLDWIDE famous man, who still lives, once said "The greatest thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

It would be assumed and expected that the truth of this statement would be borne out over time.

The flow-on effect as the mother of the children not only reciprocated (toward the father) but was moved with compassion and appreciation to lavish upon her children her expression or interpretation of that love.

Thus the whole family would benefit tremendously from such an outpouring.

While some may believe that the same rule should apply to the mother, both the bible and the more refined aspect of our culture agree that this is not necessarily so.

The mother is not requested to love the children's father (although she should and probably does, otherwise she wouldn't have married him in the first place) but to respect him.

That is her duty.

But how can she be expected to respect him if he does not love her?

So we can conclude that he needs to earn her respect by loving her and she needs to respect him so that he will be encouraged to love her.

By this will all people know that we are his disciples, by our love one toward another.

Love is the glue that keeps families together, and indeed the human race, and transcends the barriers of religion, politics and all else.

Love does not exclude the need for righteousness, holiness, justice and accountability.

We are all responsible for our actions, and will have to pay the consequences, now or later.

Love might cover a multitude of sins, but not without repentance and forgiveness.

Our freewill determines our choice.

Personally and nationally we will have to turn our hearts back to God and live the way he has set out in the bible if our nation is to survive.



Watch out cyclists

WE KNOW cyclists are vulnerable road users and at Shine Lawyers we often see the catastrophic results while helping people navigate insurance and medical claims.

It's why my firm are such active road safety advocates and involved in events like Road Safety Awareness Week this week.

We want to help people get back on their bikes, back to the things they love, by ensuring they have access to adequate rehabilitation and the care and support they need.

Part of our campaign includes a new partnership with Cycling Australia, providing a special hotline for advice on navigating the legal process.

But it would be better if they didn't need to use the hotline and instead we all took extra care to ensure cyclists get home safe to their families.


Shine Lawyers


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